Unleashing the Unbelievable Potential of the Insane Gem – Trias to Revolutionize Crypto!

Crypto Gymhunter’s Channel discusses the potential of Trias, an application compatible smart contract execution platform development framework and collaborating ecosystem split into three platforms: Leviton, Primeth, and Magna Carta. With a maximum supply of 10 million coins, Trias has a current market cap of $2 million and a potential for significant growth in the future, especially if it can expand into other operational markets beyond China and Japan. The team behind Trias has a strong background in computer science, with a PhD from the University of Oxford and experience in cloud security and cryptography. However, the lack of diversity in operational markets remains a downside to the project.

The Rise of Trias: A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency Platform

Trias is a cryptocurrency platform that is quickly gaining attention in the world of blockchain technology. In this article, we will dive deep into Trias and explore its various features that make it a potential game-changer in this space.


Welcome to the Crypto Gymhunter’s channel. My name is Stuart, and today we’re going to talk about Trias, a revolutionary cryptocurrency platform that is set to go places very soon. In this article, we will discuss Trias’s various features and explore its potential benefits for blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. So, let’s get started!

Trias: A Quick Overview

Trias is an all-platform supported, native application-compatible smart contract execution platform development framework and collaborating ecosystem. While it may sound technically complex, Trias’s founders have ensured that it is simple to understand and use.

Trias has been segmented into three distinct platforms: Leviton, Primeth, and Magna Carta. While these platforms perform different functions, they are all aimed at resolving the core trust issues of Trias. Additionally, Trias aims to root trust into machines, ensuring that they deterministically do what they are told.

Trias’s Three Different Layers

1. Leviton

Leviton is a combination of trusted execution environments and heterogeneous consensus growth. It functions in much the same way as a DAG or hashgraph blockchain, and its computing algorithm is similar to hashgraph and DAGs. Leviton can serve as the underlying layer one for other public chains, including Ethereum and Hyperledger.

2. Primeth

Primeth is a combination of formal verification and devsec methodologies to achieve traceable and verifiable general-purpose software development. This software development platform is secure and trustworthy, thanks to its intrinsic security features.

3. Magna Carta

Magna Carta is a consensus-oriented programming paradigm that aims to achieve embedded and self-defined consensus strategies for higher-order enterprise depth. It is where all the different layers come together and are executed.

Trias’s Team and Advisors

Trias’s founder is Dr. Anbang Ruan, who has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. Additionally, he has research experience in cloud security, cryptography, and traffic computing, ensuring that he understands how cryptography and cryptocurrencies work as a whole. The rest of the team comprises people from various prestigious institutions worldwide.

Trias is working with advisors who understand blockchain itself, and they have found their weaknesses and know where they need to improve.


Trias’s token, TRY, has a maximum supply of 10 million coins, and 1.6 million coins are currently in circulation. Public investors get 6% of the tokens, seed investors get 8%, the Foundation receives 20%, the team and early supporters get 10% each, staking rewards, and the mining community get 30%. The remaining 3% is set aside for marketing.

At the time of writing, TRY is priced at $1.80, and its all-time high was around $20.00. With TRY’s current market capitalization at $2 million, Trias has the potential to do very well in the near future, with experts speculating it could reach a valuation of up to $200 million.

Trias’s Roadmap

Trias aims to release all its 10 million coins by January 2024, with a slow and steady release into the market. This gradual release will provide people with opportunities to buy, drive demand for the coin, and help watch it grow.

Where to Buy Trias

Currently, the best place to buy Trias is on KuCoin. Pancakeswap is also a viable option that is easy to use for beginners.


In conclusion, Trias is a cryptocurrency platform that is set to revolutionize the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. It has a fantastic team, a solid tokenomics system, and a unique approach to solving trust issues. However, the biggest challenge for Trias will be breaking into other markets besides China and Japan. Nevertheless, Trias is a project that deserves attention from investors and technology enthusiasts alike.

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