Unleash Your Inner Investor: Witness the Rise of SolarFarm, the Fastest Growing BNB Farm Where I Invested 21 BNB!πŸš€

The video discusses Solar Farm Finance, a fast-growing miner with a 22% TVL growth in the last 24 hours. The company is audited and KYC certified and is currently offering a pre-sell for their native token. Users can invest BNB in Solar Farm Finance to receive daily yield payouts from the invested BNB. The video explains the concept of compounding profits and the benefits of frequent compounding intervals. The daily API is currently 14.28%, making it one of the highest payouts in the game. The video also links to Solar Farm Finance’s social media platforms for those interested in learning more.

The Introduction

Hello guys what is going on it’s a boy Alexandros guys and today I’m back again with another video. Today we are going to talk about another miner this one is called Solar Farm Finance and I decided to talk about it because it’s been like one of the fastest growing miners out there.

Solar Farm Finance Features

With 22 percent TVL growth in the last 24 hours and it’s still relatively new. They already have TBR of 600 BNB. They are audited and KYC, so yeah, that’s why I decided to review them. They also are hosting pre-sell for their own native token so we’ll have a look at that in a second too and I will be also jumping in with quite a big amount of BNB uh to show you that I actually believe in this project.


Before we start with the video guys, as always I need to let you know that I’m not a financial advisor. You should always do your own research and you should always do around due diligence because I don’t take any responsibility for your actions and with that being said we can dive right into it. Also, I can subscribe to my channel hit the like and the bell icon, so you don’t miss my next videos.

Solar Farm Finance Miner

Basically, the way those miners work is you put your BNB in and then it will pay you out yield daily from the BNB that is in the contract and you can verify the TVL which in this case is 600 BNB. By just going to the contract address and as you guys can see uh it is indeed 600 BNB. The contract code is fully verified so you can go ahead and check it. You can also interact with it in case something happens with the website through BSC scan directly, so that’s cool.

Compounding and Profits

You can also see that it is paying out the money as it is supposed to be uh so if you actually click on the all you will get like bunch of transactions from people that are withdrawing their money and as I can see people are withdrawing like 0.14 like smaller amounts but yeah, it makes sense because many many people are also compounding and the way that that compounding works is basically that whatever you generate in profits so in my case this is 0.0045 BNB uh you just click on compound the rewards and this 0.0045 BNB uh and he buys you panels in this case because that’s the like virtual currency that’s how it’s called panels it buys you the panels to generate more power in this case those gigabytes and then it should yield you even more profits so well without further ado just do it yeah I guess I’ll buy 100 2,000 panels with 19 BNB uh so yeah we will see how it’s how it goes currently the daily APR is I think highest in the game because it’s 14.28 and also when it comes to the compounding statistics guys if you compound twice per day it gives you like 37.53 daily APR which is mind-blowing so yeah the yield is 5214 grit maintenance P is six percent so you also have to account that there is indeed six percent fee but I think it’s quite reasonable so so yeah for the current growth and the marketing that they are pumping in it makes sense.

KYC Certification and Pre-sell Launch

Here is the KYC certification by the way so I actually used passport of the owner to get verified so yeah it’s cool to see that they indeed decided to KYC themselves uh yeah let me just get those panels so by panels boom confirm just like that I just pumped 19 BNB into this thing of course I will link it down below in case you guys want to uh also check it out you can of course jump with any amount you want you can put 0.1 BNB you can put 100 BNB or nothing it’s up to you obviously, I always tell you to do your own research and do your own due diligence uh so currently my daily rewards should sit at around free BNB and of course I can compound as well to get even more of that so yeah so let’s say that my initial investment is this the compounding interval I will be compounding let’s say every six hours for two days uh and it should give me like seven BNB profits so well it’s actually quite nice I wonder if I put zero here yeah it doesn’t calculate okay it makes sense it makes sense uh so so yeah I frequently intend to compound your rods for hours I mean I could compound it for pepper two hours technically for three days that’s 11 BMB so yeah it actually yields you some nice profit if you compound as well and yeah I will link it down below if you want to check it out they are also launching their pre-sell as I said as you guys can see here is the status it opens pretty pretty soon um so 60 BNB is the hard cap and the individual allocation is on BNB so the actual you know so the actual market cap is is really really small here uh giving it a lot of room for growth so yeah they also have this medium page if you want to you know go ahead and check out some comparisons for example to baked wins which is currently the best performing one you can also go ahead and and go through it yeah it’s kind of it’s kind of cool and they are talking about how everything works and and stuff like that uh so yeah if you are interested in checking them out you can also join their social medias join the telegram during the twitter to stay updated with every single information and we will be ending the video here thank you so much for watching guys and see you in the next videos coming out soon.

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