Uncover the Intriguing Crypto Class: DigitalBits Welcomes David Beckham as Global Ambassador for Impressive, Fast and Eco-Friendly Brand-Building Capabilities

The content discusses the partnership between David Beckham and DigitalBits, an open-source blockchain platform. The video by Professor Krypto introduces DigitalBits as an easy-to-use blockchain used for digital assets such as branded currencies and stablecoins. DigitalBits is environmentally friendly and can process up to 10,000 transactions per second. The partnership with Beckham aims to promote the power and potential of blockchain technology and create new experiences for fans through NFTs and other digital assets. DigitalBits is featured in various publications and has partnerships with high-profile companies. The content encourages viewers to join the DigitalBits community on Twitter and Telegram for updates.


So So Yo yo what’s cracking youtube it’s your boy professor krypto got another hot crypto class for you guys today this one’s on fire you guys already know anything we bring on the channel it’s got that he got the potential and it definitely should be watched this one is so different guys without further ado

Digital Bits: An Introduction

Let’s jump right into it class is now in session this one is called digital bits damn son where’d you find this guys digital bits is an easy to use open source blockchain used to power digital assets these may include branded currencies nfts stable stablecoins and much more the

Speed and Sustainability

Digitalbits blockchain can process up to 10 000 transactions per second digitalbits is an environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain digitalbits blockchain provides the innovative functionality organizations need to interact with their customers it’s important to note guys that they are also a layer one blockchain protocol that prioritizes security speed and cost


Tokenization on Digital Bits

Any asset can be tokenized on the digital bits blockchain including nfts created by artists celebrities and sports organizations by making micropayments efficient and cost effective digitalbiz provides the foundation for real-world mass adoption of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency something obviously that you noticed at the beginning of the


David Beckham Partnership

Guys is this video of david beckham replaying on their homepage he is their newest partner let’s watch the full video The power of blockchain is creating new dimensions You heard it here first guys david beckham is the newest global ambassador for digital bits he’s bringing the power of digital bits to the world the global sporting icon entrepreneur and philanthropist is entering the world of blockchain nfcs and metaverse with digitalbits blockchain as one of the world’s most successful athlete turned


Official Press Release

Beckham will help to communicate the transformative power of the digitalbits blockchain to consumers brands and other organizations worldwide here is the official press release guys on prnewswire.co.uk this was released on the 24th of march 2022 at 1pm gmt time the article explains how beckham’s going to be

Entering the world of blockchain nfts and the metaverse aiming to collaborate with fans and brands globally touching on other brands they give a little bit about digital bits about david beckham everything that we need to know about this crazy revolutionary top-of-the-line partnership the power of blockchain is creating new dimensions david beckham’s

Blockchain and Fan Engagement

Passion for connecting with fans in innovative and exciting ways is a driving force behind this initiative blockchain technology enables talent and brands to engage with fans and followers creating digital assets like nfts that can be best reflect visceral and memorable moments on an entirely new level as part of his commitment to


New NFTs and Digital Assets

Beckham will launch a series of new nfts and other blockchain-based digital assets exclusively minted on the eco-friendly digital bits blockchain providing new experiences for fans worldwide fast eco-friendly built for brands driving innovation and cultivating new ways for david beckham to connect with his fans across the


Features and Ecosystem

With a shared interest in disruptive and inclusive technology becca mullen bart on a series of exciting projects that will demonstrate the power and potential of digitalbits blockchain technology which is fast and eco-friendly compared to many other platforms now guys going back to the digital bits homepage here it is

Important to note that digitalbits is the blockchain for brands and it is entirely focused on building a cross-market ecosystem where fortune 500 companies engage with their consumers via digital assets built on its blockchain digitalbits blockchain is optimized for seamless issuance and movement of assets capable of processing

Over 10 000 transactions per second with three to five second confirmation times and extremely low fees digitalbits blockchain leverages an established network of node validators that ensure network security and integrity digital bits based nfts require no smart contracts their total aggregated audience is well over 1 billion reach

Partnerships and Community

The layer 1 protocol as well as several high exclusive partnerships now up on their website here guys obviously they are lightning fast the digitalbits blockchain can process up to 10 000 transactions per second they are eco-friendly digitalbits is an environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly blockchain their enterprise great digitalbits blockchain provides the innovative functionality

Organizations need to interact with their customers they’ve been featured in forbes bloomberg coindesk coin telegraph fox business decrypt bitcoin.com investing.com hub post yahoo money i think they’ve named them all wow impressive being a company that is partnered with david beckham you can imagine that their partners that are on

The rest of their roster are pretty high profile as well they have asroma inter milan digitas rakuten tv partners in integrations the digital bits ecosystem is a growing network of partners integrations projects and other organizations building the future together if we take a look at their ecosystem here we’ve got a boatload of

Partners here like bitterrex gta capital block folio bit panda trust swap fire blocks kucoin the list goes on guys as well as partnerships like we already mentioned inter roma and next stop blockchain with their brand ambassadors like david beckham and francesco toti projects like zytera digital bits wallet

Nif nfty labs stably if you guys want to stay up to date with digital bits you should definitely join their community guys they have their meeting twitter and telegram links all on their home page for us to join and follow along their admins are very friendly guys and can i

Answer any questions you might have this is their twitter page guys with over 21.6 000 followers guys they do tweet fairly often as well so make sure and hit them with a follow check them out and here is their telegram group over 5700 members in there hit them up guys


There’s also a new section on their homepage guys i would encourage you guys to check that out on your own time lots of valuable reading material here featured announcement obviously the david beckham announcement global ambassador global ambassador for digital bits other articles here like min ngo creating tokens in seconds on digital

Bits francesco toti digital bits global blend and ambassador as well xdb liquidity reward program update shout out to all my students i love you shout out to the crypto class game shout out to lemo games shout out to the whale gang shout out to the huddle game thank

You for always your team support guys i really appreciate it if you guys enjoyed this video please be sure to smash like button for me drop a comment in the comment section below please remember guys we are channel so whether your opinion is negative or positive we’d be more than

Happy to hear it that being said guys class is now dismissed we’ll see in our next video professor krypto Mars

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