Ultimate Guide to Maximizing Your Profits in International Trading by Avoiding Escalating Gas Costs

Arbitrum is a decentralized derivatives exchange that aims to bring a centralized trading experience to the DeFi world. The exchange allows trading of perpetual contracts with low fees, deep liquidity, and up to 25x leverage. It currently supports USDC as collateral and has 14 pairs of tokens and index perpetual futures available. The exchange plans to launch more derivatives products, including additional tokens and index perpetuals, as well as an advisory protocol that connects crypto investors to DeFi fund managers in a trustless and transparent way. The exchange is currently live on Arbitrum and plans to launch on other chains in the future.


Have you ever used an exchange on Albatrom? If you haven’t, let’s go try to use it because it seems like it’s going to be a much better option than any other decentralized exchange.

About A Bot Exchange

A bot is an autobook decentralized derivatives exchange that brings a centralized trading experience into the d5 world. This exchange is currently live on arbitrary.

Features of A Bot Exchange

A bot exchange is a high performance exchange with low fees. It offers the opportunity to trade perpetual contracts with low fees, deep liquidity and up to 25 x leverage. The exchange is easy to use, especially for beginners and newcomers.

Using A Bot Exchange

To use A bot exchange, you can connect your wallet directly to the exchange using Metamask. The leverage available is up to 25x on a different margin mode. The price can be done with the limit buy market buy stop limit or stock-market orders. A bot exchange currently only supports USDC as collateral but they are working on multi-collateral functions. The exchange is currently live on arbitrarium but soon will be launching on other chains.

Additional Features of A Bot Exchange

The exchange currently has 14 pairs of tokens and index perpetual futures available with plans to launch more derivatives products including additional tokens, index perpetuals, options, and many more in the future. The exchange plans to launch an advisory protocol that uses smart contracts to connect crypto investors with d5 fund managers.

Why Choose A Bot Exchange

A bot exchange has the most number of perpetual pairs on arbitrarium and has the lowest trading fees amongst all other derivatives taxes. A bot exchange has no guest fees for withdrawal and also no gas fees for trading. Additionally, A bot exchange is the only Decks that offers index perpetuals, where users can long or short the whole entire d5 sector with just one click.

A Bot Exchange’s Team and Plans

A bot exchange has a team with a collective 20 years experience in the industry. The exchange’s Q3 2022 plans include expanding to 20 perpetual contracts, advance order types, and multi-collateral trading. The exchange’s Q4 2022 plans include doubling up their perpetual contracts, adding non-linear products, and having a raised portfolio monitor. The advisory protocol will launch, and in 2023, A bot exchange plans to launch on more public networks and have more trading tools.


If you’re thinking of trading with this exchange, follow the link down in the descriptions and use the video tutorials to learn how to use this exchange. It’s simple to deposit and start trading on A bot exchange, and with the team’s experience and plans, A bot exchange seems like a great decentralized exchange to try out.

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