The Surprising Mistake Logan Paul and Coffeezilla Both Made

The Coffeezilla and Logan Paul CryptoZoo scandal has garnered millions of views and highlights how the mainstream audience is unaware of the crypto space. Although the bear market has seen a lack of attention from general audiences, Coffeezilla has been able to bridge the gap between the crypto and mainstream world by appealing to a wider demographic. Despite Logan Paul’s lack of education on crypto, he has been able to lead movements that help his community get involved in crypto. In a time where there is irrational negativity towards the crypto space, education is the answer to understanding the true benefits of cryptocurrencies.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. And no, this is not the video that you think that it’s going to be.

The Coffeezilla and Logan Paul Story

Earlier today on my live stream, I mentioned that we were going to be discussing Coffeezilla and Logan Paul and CryptoZoo tonight. Well, man, we started digging into this, And it is so unbelievably massive, and there are so many things left out of this story that we realized to do this and to do it right, it’s going to take a little more time. So that video is going to be coming out tomorrow night.

Why is this story so hot?

But I thought really what we need to do in this video is explain why this story is so hot, why people care about it so much, and what can people learn from this?

The Growth of Coffeezilla

These videos from Coffeezilla have gotten millions of views. It has been absolutely insane to watch his growth coming off, you know, the heels of Twitter Spaces with SBF, you know, and things like that. He really nailed the timing on this one. He went from 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube all the way up to, like, 2.35, Almost doubled his already large channel in just a few weeks. So great job to him.

The Crypto Side of the Story

But the fact is, we’ve now gotten a video response from Logan Paul to the CryptoZoo fiasco. So we’ve gotten Coffeezilla’s side. We’ve gotten Logan Paul’s side. But it’s very interesting. We haven’t really got the crypto side. And the crypto side is the one that’s going to fill in a lot of the gaps and a lot of the holes that I think people really need to understand about this story and, really, what this means going forward for crypto And how we can use this not to see these types of things happen again in the next bull run.

Crypto Adjacent Influencers

This– when I said this is not a crypto story, people might be like, “What do you mean? It’s an NFT.” What I mean by that is that both Coffeezilla and Logan Paul are not crypto guys. They’re crypto-adjacent. Some of the things that they do intersect with crypto. Now, Coffeezilla certainly has been doing more crypto as of late.

The Non-Crypto Audience

People are massively more interested in what Logan Paul, an influencer who is not in crypto, who really shows a lot of ignorance in explanations when he talks about crypto– I’m not saying– I’m not making a decision right now on whether he’s a bad guy, or I’m not saying he’s an idiot, but I’m saying it’s very clear his crypto education is not at a super high level, And yet he was leading different movements for his community to get involved in things in crypto. People care more about Logan Paul being exposed and being called a scammer and making– he made $6 million.

Educating the Public about Cryptocurrency

So, what’s the answer? The answer is education. It’s during these times to where there’s so much rationality, there’s so much negativity, you know, everything in crypto is a scam people say right now, That’s definitely not true at all,…

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