The Rise of Meme Coins: Bank Failure Sparks Interest

Regional bank stocks continue to slide with PacWest leading the way down 40%. Many regional banks saw deposit outflows in March around the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, and questions are being raised about the stability of their funding and the value of some assets on their books. Meanwhile, meme coin PEPE hits a new all-time high, and the crypto community is urged to embrace these coins. Crypto Banter’s Miles Guo is bullish on SUI, stating that it has a larger fully diluted valuation than AVAX, SOL, APT, MATIC and OP, but the question remains as to when to invest.

Regional bank stocks continue to slide

The regional bank stocks have been struggling for a while now, and on Thursday, the trend continued. PacWest took the lead, suffering a 40% decline. The graphs showed an uncanny resemblance to memecoin charts, and the instability of funding and value has led to several questions regarding their assets.

Memecoin PEPE hits new all-time high

While memecoins do not resonate with everyone, those invested in, and trading with memecoins, do run into sizable gains. The market is flourishing, and PEPE seems to be a significant winner, as its value continues to soar.

Zit Boy’s Crypto Confession

Zit Boy shares his crypto confession by acknowledging that he keeps his top degen picks to himself, as he doesn’t wish to share them with his friends and potentially lose out on his gains. This is a common sentiment within the crypto community, where traders and investors often guard their gems closely.

Should we invest in SUI?

Miles from Crypto Banter sheds light on SUI. Although it’s currently ranked No. 65 in market cap, Miles believes it’s worth considering investing in. However, the question is when to invest. As with all investments, traders should carry out their research and assess the market’s volatility before making any investment decisions.

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