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The Bank of England is considering a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) that could complement and support new private digital money and payment services, said Deputy BoE Governor Jon Cunliffe. While the idea has been criticised as risky by former Bank of England adviser Tony Yates, Cunliffe said a digital pound could provide a new way to pay, help businesses and improve financial stability. The tech implications must be considered carefully, he added. Ripple has been mentioned in the conversation, but the central bank states that it is considering a range of options. There are 83 central banks considering or already using digital currencies worldwide.

Love is not the only thing in the air as we approach Valentine’s Day. The Bank of England is also in the midst of creating a CBDC, a Central Bank Digital Currency. In this article, we will explore the Bank of England and its journey towards a CBDC. We will also examine the possible involvement of XRP and Ripple in this project.

The Rise of CBDCs

The Bank of England joins around 80% of the world’s central banks that are considering launching digital currencies or have already done so. The finance minister of England, Jeremy Hunt, supports the digital pound or “Britcoin,” and the BoE Governor, Andrew Bailey, emphasizes that a digital pound provides a new way to pay, helps businesses, maintains trust in money and better protects financial stability.

However, concerns have been raised about CBDCs, with some former Bank of England advisors stating that the risks and costs of rolling out digital currencies are way higher than their benefits. The Bank of England is being cautious and is carefully considering the implications of a CBDC, including privacy and sovereignty concerns.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of a CBDC

The CBDC has the potential to make economies run more efficiently, with faster transactions and lower fees. The Bank of England sees the digital pound as a new form of money that could support new forms of private digital money and payment services and help to drive down transaction costs charged by credit card and other payment merchants. The high cost of sending money overseas is also a target for reducing with the launch of the digital pound.

However, the Bank of England cautions about the negative implications of a CBDC. These include privacy concerns and the potential impact on credit card transaction processing companies. The Bank of England also emphasizes that the technical work will need careful consideration to ensure that the CBDC can run efficiently and securely.

The Role of Ripple in the CBDC of England

In the consultation paper, “Enable private sector innovation,” the Bank of England references two projects regarding distributed ledger technology and cross-border synchronization. The latter project involves a joint partnership with Ripple, demonstrating that synchronized FX transactions in two different simulated RTGS systems can be achieved.

The Bank of England also states that it has been working with industry to develop new strategies and structures so that the benefits of innovative technologies can be enjoyed by new types of private sector companies. Ripple Labs, as a banking solution for the entire world when it comes to cross-border payments and transactions, is likely to benefit from these new strategies and structures.


The Bank of England is cautiously approaching the creation of a CBDC. While the Bank sees benefits in the launch of a digital pound, including faster transactions and lower fees, the Bank is also concerned about the negative implications of a digital currency, including privacy concerns and the impact on credit card transaction processing companies.

The involvement of Ripple in the CBDC of England indicates that Ripple is likely to benefit from the Bank’s new strategies and structures. While the CBDC of England is still in its consultation phase, it is clear that digital currencies, including CBDCs, are becoming an important part of global finance.

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