The Astonishing Crypto Chart: American Dollar Plunges as Crypto Goes Wild!

The content consists of a conversation between two individuals discussing various topics, including sports, personal anecdotes, and the cryptocurrency market. They mention the current date and time, as well as the need to increase the number of subscribers and promote their merchandise. They also briefly analyze the performance of certain cryptocurrencies.

Thank You Foreign

Thank you
Thank you foreign
Worse thank you Foreign
Foreign foreign Foreign

The Commander is Here

The commander is here going on right now
California’s trying to figure out oh I can

Welcome to Big Boy Crypto

Welcome to Big Boy crypto everybody is DZ here
That is right folks how are you doing hit that like button right now
I’m about to faint from the excitement

Today is July 12th

Today is July 12th everybody
It is 11:31 a.m Eastern Standard Time
We started a little late but Tim he had to move the goal posts from when we were going to start
So we started 60 seconds late but guys we’re all here

We’re Truly Wonders of the World

I am truly one of the Seven Wonders of the World
And I’m wondering why you haven’t hit that like button yet
Yet do it do it let’s get into triple digits within seconds folks

Ben Is Still in Seattle

Ben is still in Seattle
I think he’s is the All-Star game tonight Tim yeah
No the All-Star game was last night it was last night
Okay you’re the round ball Watcher okay
So it was last night I don’t like the way you said that and the way you looked at me while you said that okay
You’re the one who lives vicariously through other men’s jobs it’s fair
My favorite sport is an egg-shaped ball oh okay not a round
No good old pig skin American Gridiron is what I like to call it
Because there’s only one football and that’s soccer

Ben is Trying to Call In

Ben I think he’s gonna try to call it again
He’s in the airport like as we speak
So he’s going to be calling in based off of he’s gonna try to get through security first and then make sure the Wi-Fi is good
But he’s hoping to call in today

Excuses About Moving the Goal Post

And uh you know as far as your first comment about moving the goal post
I just want the record to reflect that’s the kind of talk of somebody who realizes they’ve already lost
So you gotta come up with an excuse as to why you lost
So yeah let’s just say Tim keeps moving the goal post and that’s the convenient excuse
See you’re saying I’m the one making excuses I’m just hearing excuses on why you move the goal post
I’m just but anyways is that the guy from yes it
Is Sage yes it is that is the same one much energy very surprised wow okay

Radi Face and Korean Translations

We have radio face typing in Korean slashed into English
Two men enter one man leaves no we’re both going to leave
It’s Tim and me we’re gonna leave together and we’re going to leave after
We pump the market single-handedly like uh you know like like Atlas you know carrying the globe
We’re gonna carry the Bitcoin crypto Market everywhere

Tim the Tool Man Taylor

Tim the Tool Man Taylor I don’t think his last name’s Taylor
Everybody all right we’re adjusting the camera
I could do some calf raises
My wife’s name is Taylor so that would that would work
For Tim the toolman Taylor let’s see yeah that’s more centered that’s good we’re good

Cartoons and Video Games

100 points for DZ for clarifying the mindset of men who watch men in tight pants okay
Yeah uh look I stole that saying from Todd Rosenbaum so
That was a shout out for Tata yeah living vicariously through other men jock straps all right
Everybody make sure you’re there you live vicariously through cartoons in a video game forum so what are you talking about
So it’s to each his own is what I was even talking about
I watched I don’t even watch cartoons what are you talking about okay
Mean you watch Animaniacs before the stream you know and then we watch some gargoyles you know we watch some gargoyles we had a little gargoyles uh marathon session last night

Subscribe and Merch

Everybody no no no no no bit frog no never
I am a lover I am uh I’m anti-violence all right
Make sure you’re a sub you should see the D at the end there if not make sure you’re sub
30 40 of y’all aren’t sub what are you doing go ahead hit that sub button
Make sure you follow me on Twitter DZ underscore BTC
Guys we’re still at 42 300
I am ashamed of this number okay we need to get it up to 400
I’ll feel a lot better about myself and I’ll stop waking up crying all right
Hit merch we got some new stuff uh there’s the all Madden Sports there’s that the druth shirt as I like to call it
Is the dope tread on me and I also like to come and take it come and take my Bitcoin over my Dead uh Hands there
Uh let’s get it like that as well blockchain basement and we’re gonna see him later

Bing Bong and Coin Gecko

Everybody it is Bing Bong not Billabong not the surfer company not uh the bongs that you smoke no no no this is Bing Bong
That’s just the uh the moniker of a winning trade is what we like to call it
All right let’s go to coin gecko here we are up one percent until I hit the refresh is it gonna go higher is it gonna go lower we don’t know
I’m scared are you scared we’re all scared it went lower it went
Lower all right well Tim we didn’t do what we were going to do uh what we said
I said we were gonna do and that was pumped the crypto markets
What can we do to pump the crypto markets
I think I heard somewhere that the more four-fingered mittens that are pressed
On a show uh the higher prices get in the crypto Market
Uh at the moment 278 mittens have been pressed okay okay that’s a decent amount
Safe Moon wind turbines I couldn’t care uh bless I’m unable to care
No I I don’t know I mean sure but aren’t wind turbines like real bad for the economy
Aren’t they like very inefficient don’t they kill a lot of birds and they’re just an eyesore as well uh yeah
Bend over and give me this ball and all right so okay so he played sinner that was a former sinner it was a Former Center in football there and uh me and Tim are having a good time
I’m sorry if it came off as adversarial uh we we get along quite well
It’s we’re Hamming it up a little bit for the uh why are you glaring at me right now I
Well I don’t know why people want us to hate each other when DZ stares at the conversation he has the most terrifying face I’ve ever seen all right anybody uh let’s look at the crypto market cap
Here we are up half a percent for Bitcoin everybody that’s a little bit
We are still above 30 000 we’re coming in at 30 675 East flirting with 1900
The next stop uh I heard it has to get to 1900 before it gets to 2000
I’ve yet to confirm that for myself uh we have it up 1.3 percent
We have xrp flat flat as Heck here Lido staked ethers up a little bit
We have Solana Solana up three percent
I have a phone call from a telemarketer probably saying you owe me money for your broken wrist
Too bad too bad now I’ll pay it eventually okay
I gotta wait for the Bull Run everybody
That’s when I’ll pay that medical bill
Also if you wait a long time then they’re more likely to settle life hack
All right uh we keep scrolling uh Solana up three percent like I said
Litecoin you think a Litecoin think of Tom Crown it is up point four percent
We have Polygon also flat uh but they have had a pretty good week
You see they’re up ten percent as well as Bitcoin cash up 10 it is Up 4 and a half percent just today
Let’s all…

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