Surprise! The Thief of Your Crypto Might Not Be Who You Assumed!

In a video on BitBoy Crypto, Ben discusses the responsibility for investors losing their money in FTX, Celsius, Voyager, and BlockFi, and suggests that the outrage may be misplaced. He also talks about an XRP video created by The Bearable Bull that highlights the corruption between the SEC and FTX. Ben argues that the lack of clarity in the US regarding cryptocurrency regulation is intentional and willful on the part of Gary Gensler, and calls for his removal from office. He also urges believers in the industry to stand up and fight against the actions of corrupt regulators and politicians.

Who is Really Responsible for You Losing Your Money?

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. Tonight, we’re going to be talking about who is really responsible for you losing your money? Because when people really understand why you’ve lost your money in FTX, why you lost your money in Celsius, why you lost your money in Voyager,

Why you lost your money in BlockFi, people are going to be absolutely outraged. And your outrage may potentially be misplaced. And when we all get the outrage going into place it needs to go, we’re going to get change. And that’s what we need right now. I guess we are–

Moving into a New House

We are moving here soon. Moving into our new house here in the next, you know, couple of weeks. That’s why it’s a little empty down here. But, yeah, so let’s talk about this. First of all, I got a video down below in the description I want you guys to watch.

Of course, after you watch my video. This one’s going to be pretty short. That one’s pretty long. It’s by The Bearable Bull. And, guys, the XRP Army is on it. I mean, there’s no doubt about it. And I’ve said for a long time, but, you know, people say,

The XRP Community and SEC Corruption

“Oh, you just like XRP for the clicks.” Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. No, no, no, no, no. First of all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Ripple used to be my enemy. XRP was my enemy. But then I realized when the SEC was their enemy,

Oh, no, no, Ripple is my friend. And so then we started going through this dating process with me and XRP. And I came to find something out, which is the community is freaking awesome. Like, the XRP Army, I used to make so much fun of them.

How stupid do I look right now? The fact is that XRP Army is the most dedicated community in the entire crypto space. And no one investigates and does deep dives like these people. And when you look at The Bearable Bull, he’s one of these guys. Digital Asset Investor’s another one.

The Importance of Understanding SEC Corruption

Of course, you know, I can never remember his name. The Blackberry guy. I love him. I can never remember his freaking name. But whatever it is. So many people over there, Solomon, that I really like and do such good work. Well, they’ve been on this SEC corruption for years at this point.

Here’s what’s important. Here’s what you need to understand. And The Bearable Bull lays this out in this video, makes a great case. I watched it on 1.5x speed because God knows I ain’t got 30 minutes to watch a video.

And it went by pretty quick because it’s a very good entertaining video. It lays out the entire corruption between the SEC and FTX. But there’s something more important in that video that you have to understand. Guys, the reason you lost all your money is because of Gary Gensler.

Offshore Crypto Companies and Lack of Clarity in US Regulations

FTX cannot be regulated in the United States. You want to know why? It’s an offshore company. Why is FTX an offshore company? Why are all major crypto companies right now, even ones that operate somewhat in the United States, why are they offshore? Why are they international? Because we have no clarity!

We have no regulation! We have no idea of what the boundaries are in the United States revolving around crypto. And when you ask Gary Gensler, you know what he says? “They should know we’ve already got clear regulation.” You freaking lizard person, no! That is wrong! We don’t have any–

Removing Gary Gensler from Office

And listen. Guys, it has never been more clear, it has never been more clear that the lack of regulation, the lack of clarity in the US from the SEC is willful and intentional by Gary Gensler. He wanted to spread this out as far and wide as he can.

He says he’s there to protect investors. Do you know who protected a lot more investors than Gary Gensler? I did. You know how many people closed their accounts with FTX and how many millions of dollars got removed from that site

Because I’ve been telling people for six weeks to get your money off? Way more than Gary has protect– in fact, the $10 billion worth of customer funds that had been stolen by FTX, Gary Gensler is responsible for every single dime of it. If you have lost $1 in crypto,

Starting a Movement Against Gary Gensler

You need to contact your congressman, contact your senator, go to CryptoLaw on Twitter, CryptoLaw– I don’t remember exactly what it is. CryptoLawUS You’ll find it. It’s John Deaton’s company, I believe. They’ve got already a way that you– one click and you can go and you can reach those people.

We are going to be starting a movement, just like we started a movement against SBF. Just like we started a movement against FTX, we’re going to start a movement against Gary Gensler. This guy must be removed from office.

The Importance of Creating an Alliance of People Who Care

When you look at the fact that the person that appointed Gary Gensler, The Bearable Bull points out in that video, was given $5 million in donations, when you look at the fact that Elizabeth Warren’s daughter, guess what? She got an internship. Where? The SEC. Directly for Gary Gensler.

I think that’s what the– that’s what it was. Whatever it is, Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is caught up in all this as well. You know, because that’s what these politicians do. They scratch each other’s backs. Now, she would say, “We’re going to go after the SEC.” Shut up. Shut up, Elizabeth.

Standing Up for the Right Side of History

Shut up. You’re not on our side. We know what side you’re on. It’s time for the people who are on the right side of history to rise up. And we have got to push for this guy to be removed. We’re going to– and I’ll tell you this, guys.

The stuff I’m working on, the stuff I’m working on to clean up the space, you guys are going to find it’s going to be something we’re all going to get on board with. We need an alliance of people in this space that care. And they’re out there. I know.

Closing Remarks

Your Bearable Bulls, your John Deatons, your David Gokhshteins, like, these are people who care more about the space than what the price of Bitcoin is doing today or tomorrow. We all know where this space is going over the long term.

We’ve got to salvage, we have to save it in the United States, or a lot of us are going to have to move out of this country. And a lot of us don’t want to. Because like I say all the time, like,

I don’t know how my boys are going to be at cricket. I’m not too thrilled to find that out. I like to play baseball, okay? So, you know, the fact is, is that go watch this video down below in the description.

You guys are definitely going to want to watch that. It lays out all the connections, all the dirty stuff. And I will tell you, I’m working on the backside with some people on getting this information out to the mainstream, to the public,

Because we’re in our little corner of crypto Twitter here, but more people need to know about this. And look. If you’re still in this space, if what has happened in the last week has not been enough to scare you, then welcome. You are now– especially if you came in during 2021,

You’ve now been through it. You are now in this space. You’re a believer. Welcome! Glad to have you. But we need all the believers to stand up. It’s not good enough to watch from the sidelines. You’ve got to get in on the fight. Alright, guys. That’s all I got. Be blessed.

BitBoy out.

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