Seedify, the Billion Dollar Crypto Platform, to Launch Its Brand New Token in Just Two Days! Are You Ready?

The crypto video presenter, Moonlight, is discussing Cedify, a large crypto project with an upcoming utility token launch. The project includes an NFT marketplace, launch pad, and staking/farming. Cedify’s native utility token is called S fund and is available for purchase on several exchanges. Holding Cedify’s snfts token grants early access to various ecosystem perks, including reduced fees and increased allocation spots for upcoming projects. Cedify’s NFTs include metaverse wearables, personalized assets, and items, with lower commissions and occasional airdrops. Crypto is a booming industry with an estimated 800 million new crypto users expected by 2027.

Introducing Seedify: The Top Blockchain Gaming Launch Pad

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Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video! My name’s Moonlight, thank you all so much for watching today’s video. Now before I get started here, you guys, if you are new to my channel, make sure like always hit that subscribe button down below so you don’t miss any of my daily uploads.

Natural Important Project

Today, we’re going to be talking about a huge crypto project that has been out for quite some time already. This project, in particular, when I was doing my research on it, had massive success last year.

Upcoming Token Launch

Currently, they are going to be launching their actual new upcoming utility token for their whole platform on August 31st.

The Advisory Board

Not to mention, on the advisory board, they have some pretty prominent people in this project such as Jrny Crypto and Alex Becker.


The actual whole ecosystem of the huge project itself is called Cedify.

Official Token

Currently, their actual utility token for their platform is called SNFTs or SNFTs, whichever you prefer.

Launching NFT Marketplace and Launch Pad

Currently, they are going to be launching their NFT marketplace and their actual NFT launch pad as well.

Closing Staking and Farming Pools

Their staking and farming are coming to an end, and they’re doing this to make it so the long-term potential of the token will be inflationary and this is just gonna cause bigger price movements in the actual token itself long term.

Benefits of Owning SNFTs

Owning the actual SNFTs will give access to many perks in the Cedify NFT space, such as reduced fees and increased RNG rate for NFT airdrops.

NFT Utilities

Additionally, the platform will be offering land, metaverse wearables, personalized assets, in-game items, and loads of utility NFTs for those that are looking to become a metaverse landlord or earn passively through their metaverse spaces.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, Cedify has garnered quite a lot of demand so far. If you are interested to buy their actual token, you can do so on different platforms like KuKuin,, Huobi, Buy Bit, and Pancake Swap. Just click buy SFUND and then you’re good to go! As always, remember to do your research and see if it’s a right fit for you.

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