Ripple XRP Surges with Astonishing 1158% Gains, Cardano ADA Targets $3/ADA, and an Exclusive Opportunity with Doge Dip!

The content starts off with the YouTuber giving an update on their cryptocurrency channel and requesting likes and subscriptions. They then discuss Ripple’s plans for expanding beyond cross-border payments and into new areas. They mention the ongoing lawsuit and speculate on future developments, including the possibility of Ripple entering the CBDC realm. They also talk about buying opportunities for XRP and the potential for price increases. The content briefly mentions Ripple executives being bullish on XRP and discusses a comparison between Bitcoin and gold in terms of transferability.

Introduction: Welcome to another Crypto Video

Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto video today we have a lot of stuff to talk about regarding the crypto news but if you are enjoying the daily crypto updates make sure you press the like button and subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t done so already, we are already at 110,000 but I want to get to 150,000 before the end of June and with a little bit of help some likes being pressed and whatnot I think we can get there pretty damn fast.

Ripple: Let’s Get Technical

Now let’s talk about Ripple. From liquidity monitoring to building RippleNet topology, our engineering blog page dives into the details on all things crypto and blockchain. Even though I don’t necessarily want to show you guys the Ripple page here, one thing that’s very important to know about Ripple XRP is the fact that a very big part of what they’re doing right now is just the first vertical.

Ripple’s Expansion Plans

Ripple has explained before how they want to transfer over from basically this cross-border payments realm into a newer phase, into a new phase two. Whatever they have done right now is just like, let’s say, one percent of the total plans. Because they compared themselves to Amazon, which started out with books and branched out. I believe firmly that once this lawsuit is settled, which I think will be positive for XRP, once more they will actually start to really expand heavily. They already, for example, got the loaning service in there where they can SMEs loan XRP for those transfers. That type of stuff they might work out all the way. I’m not sure they’re going to become a bank because that would mean they’re going to compete with their customers, but with all the connections and for example, why you mean the company made there and everything that’s happened right now, they have some big stuff planned. Maybe the CBDC realm is another first step, and then bridging everything with XRP is still, you know, it’s still I think one or two percent of the total. I think there’s a lot coming and just want you guys to be prepared for that.

XRP Price and Buying Opportunity

Now let’s discuss the XRP price. We had a pretty beautiful dip, not gonna lie to you all. Again, in my previous video, I told you guys exactly I’m buying this dip right here. We did, and literally, after the video, it only went up from there on forward. So once more guys, this is the platform I am using to trade right now. It is called BuyBit. There’s a specific promotion for you guys, and I’m gonna get a trading competition going on only for the people who use my link. I’m trying my best to negotiate, but let me know what you guys want to get. Should I do like a tether winnings or should I do Ledger Nano X’s? Should I negotiate for more? The more people we get, the more I can give away, of course. Right now, if you deposited more than a thousand XRP, you’ve already automatically entered yourself into a giveaway of a Ledger Nano X. There’s gonna be five that are gonna be given away.

XRP’s Performance and Future

Tara posted, I told you XRP doesn’t want to leave without me, 148 and 142 perfectly hit. Now that I’m strapped in, let’s go. The only thing I wanted to refer to here is the fact that I’m crazy, crazy excited, and I kept telling you guys this is definitely a good buying opportunity, mostly on the basis that we just had another dip. And if you’re wondering when to buy, these types of spots are perfect, perfect, perfect to buy. Does that mean we’ll go lower or go up from here? Nobody knows. We could literally just keep going lower from here on forward or basically going a little bit of uptrend, then now a little bit of a downtrend, a little bit uptrend inside a bigger uptrend. But I told you guys as well, I firmly believe that XRP follows Doge to some degree. Definitely, and that this channel usually breaks the downside. And what’s basically happened is exactly that and right now we’re just waiting for a swing towards the upside. But then again, we already got ourselves a nice little swing here going on because it’s already up about four and a half percent, and it went down in total, about 11% or so.

Ripple’s Progress and Executives’ Views

Direct defender posted XRP made 1158 gains from 17 cents to 197 in four months. It is roughly 11 times 0.17, and this is without relisting and with an ongoing lawsuit. Ripple executives on XRP: Here’s why 2021 is already off to a roaring start. Ripple’s progress is going to be even crazier once they fix this lawsuit, though it could be in a couple of months. We do not know, we’re just waiting it out. But the Ripple executives, I guess, she’s burla was mostly talking about that right now. One of Ripple’s employees, he used to be SVP of product, is now the General Manager of Ripple Ripplenet. He’s been pretty damn bullish on it and I believe almost any Ripple executive has been bullish on it. For example, Ripple X General Manager Monica Long also gave us an update, once more bullish, bullish, bullish.

The Growing Use Case of XRP

The XRP Ledger and its use case are becoming more useful. This billion-dollar BTC transfer explains why Bitcoin continues to eclipse gold. A billion dollars, how fast can you really transfer that? It depends. Since gold is really backed in the real world, it’s definitely quite difficult because right now, a billion dollars worth of gold weighs well over twenty thousand kilograms or forty-four point one…

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