Revolutionary Project: A Game-Changer for Crypto Gaming!

Winners is a skill-based blockchain technology platform that enables users to bet and win money in popular mainstream games like FIFA, NBA, and Counter-Strike. The ecosystem is powered by a token economy that allows for easy betting, payout, staking, and NFT trades. The platform has a successful track record through a beta version launched in several European countries, and the team plans to expand globally. The company has a team of advisors and backers, including Big Green Holdings and Chain Group. Winners uses Solana as its blockchain platform due to its high transaction per second and low fees.

Introducing Winners: A Unique Project for Crypto Investors

What is Winners?

Winners is a unique project that allows people to bet on their victories and win money. It is a gaming platform that offers popular mainstream games like FIFA, Counter-Strike, and NBA, among others.

What Makes Winners Special?

Winners is powered by blockchain technology, offering skill-based wagering and play-to-earn mechanics to any game, platform, and anywhere. It is an API that enables any player to earn tokens while playing in one versus one or tournaments, providing a competitive gameplay adapted to different platforms, including mobile, desktop, and console.

What Are the Benefits for Gamers?

Gamers can compete against others to earn money on any competitive game, making it a great alternative to earn money from gaming.

What About Publishers?

Publishers of games can turn their game into a skill-based competition to create a powerful source of monetization.

What Are the Numbers Behind Winners?

After launching the beta version in several European countries, Winners has successfully proven a strong product market fit, attracting over 20k members and 700k total visitors, with over 30k played matches and 145k monthly bets.

What Is the Token Economy Used by Winners?

The ecosystem is powered by a token economy used to enable betting payout, staking, and NFT trade. Using a token economy enables seamless smart contract-based escrow of funds, supporting large-scale betting and tournament.

What Are Winners’ Plans for the Future?

Winners’ roadmap includes a mobile app, NFT ecosystem, and future integrations with other blockchains.

How Can You Invest in Winners?

Investors can participate in the pre-sale, private sale, and public sale. The pre-sale includes a one-month lockup and monthly line year investing over 24 months thereafter, while the private sale includes a one-month lockup and monthly line year investing over 12 months thereafter.

Who Backs Winners?

Winners’ backers include Big Green Holdings, Area Harris Chain Group, among others.

How Can You Access the Winners Ecosystem?

To have access to the Winners ecosystem, you can create an account on to then have access to the three main pillars: the head-to-head games like FIFA, the staking and reward platform, and the NFT marketplace.

In conclusion, Winners is a game-changer in the world of gaming and crypto investing, with a unique approach to skill-based wagering and play-to-earn mechanics. Make sure to follow their social media channels and join the Winners community for updates and news.

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