Prepare to Be Amazed: The SMARTEST MAN IN CRYPTO Drops a Massive Announcement

The video features a Halloween-themed episode of BitBoy Crypto where the hosts dress up in costumes and discuss various topics related to crypto. They begin by discussing Celsius and how they plan to recover $3 million they lost. They then discuss upcoming book tours and potential cities they can visit. Lastly, they promote a BitBoy-BitSquad cruise to the Bahamas in April. The video ends with a humorous reminder to keep their eyes up when meeting the hosts on the cruise.

Introducing Ben and TJ’s Halloween Costumes

Don’t give it away. But what is this? – It’s Halloween. Ben and TJ. I wonder what they’re going to be.

Revealing the Costumes

Whoa! How are we feeling? Where’s TJ? Alrighty then. Wrong character. Alright. Holy cow. It’s really good.

I’m here. It’s Bitcoin orange! Bitcoin orange. Dressed up like Bitcoin today. Ben, you’ve got to start the show leaning on the back thing. You just kind of like, you know? I think I will do that. Okay.

Joining in on the Fun

Then we’ve got two, right? Wow! Yeah. This feels strange. It feels very strange. Oh, my gosh! I’m Harry! Yeah. Welcome! Welcome, guys. We are– This is funny. This is going to be good. You with the dark hair. Oh, and rocking the bowl cut too. Yeah, the bowl cut.

Getting Ready for the Show

You guys know I always want a bowl cut. Yeah. Here we got it. Now, I could just part it down the middle. It’d be really cool. Hey, guys. You need a– you need that– The gap? The tooth chap? Yeah, the chip on the tooth. Yeah. A little Sharpie or something? Yeah. You can Sharpie that. Welcome to the– There it is. Sharpie the part. This just looks amazing. Damn, boy!

Making Adjustments

He thicc! That mic is blocking up the vibe. Yeah. Hold on. Move that microphone out my way. You’ve really got to pop your butt. Yeah. Oh, I can pop that butt. Oh, Crypto Damus is on here. Oh, gosh. Oh, cool.

Welcome to BitBoy Crypto!

I know it’s hard to fit that up here. Yeah, it is. You guys look so natural. Yeah. Well. Alrighty then. I just tweeted it out. We watched that movie last night. It’s so– You’re up. You’re live? Wow. Actually, that’s the first time ever in the history of the show I did not know it’s live. Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! The people’s channel Home of the BitSquad,

Getting Down to Business

The largest and greatest crypto community in all of the Interwebs. And no channel has more fun than this channel, as you guys know. But, today, it is Halloween, but we’re going to be taking things very serious. I like to start out by–

The Plan to Get Money Back from Celsius

I don’t know if you guys know this, but we lost a lot of money in Celsius. And we have actually recovered a plan. There’s a plan for us to get our money back. We received this from Celsius. It’s an IOU for $3 million. It’s basically as good as money. It’s as good as cash! $3 million! Celsius! Good as cash! We got it.

Book Tour Planning

Welcome! We got a side desk on the show today. Welcome to the show, Harry! Yeah. I was just– A side desk! You might want to hold on to that one. You know, that might– that’s going to be worth something, so. It could be worth something. I’m going to hold on to that one, for sure. Yeah, my name is Lloyd Christmas. This is my friend, Harry Dunne, over here. And we will be telling you guys how crypto is getting dumb and dumber all the time. Obviously. AJ, Steven, you all can go. Be gone. We’re going to talk about book stuff for a minute. Oh, yeah. Book stuff. Okay. Alright. So we need to start.

So here we got– London is here. London So we would pick either one of these dates for that. Okay. Cities I want to hit, Chicago DC New York LA San Francisco Miami I guess, Austin. Well, Austin’s in the middle. It’s in between Houston and Dallas. So. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 That’s eight cities. Now, isn’t it either, like, we do it in a random place and they bring their books? Or we do it at a bookstore and they have to buy the book there?

Yeah, basically, Barnes & Nobles is not going to play ball. Boo! Why? Because they don’t want to buy books from first-time author. So we find a place. This is going to be– this is going to be a freaking exhausting thing. Just so we know. This is going to be exhausting. Let’s think about that. Let’s get in contact with Wiley. And let’s ask them about that. Let’s say, “Look, what–” let’s talk about some ideas that we’re thinking, and see what they think would be– would work the best. This is a– this is September of 2019. So not that long ago.

BitBoy-BitSquad Cruise

I was so poor at that time that I had to go to this event that was in Philadelphia, but I couldn’t afford a flight ticket there. They were way too expensive. They’re like $400. I didn’t have $400 to put on a flight ticket. So for $150, I flew into Newark. And then $20 bucks, I took the train over to Philadelphia. That’s how poor I used to be. All for y’all. Okay. Have you ever wanted to go to the Bahamas? Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise?

Have you ever wanted to see me without a shirt on for many, many days? Well, this is your chance! Come to the BitBoy-BitSquad cruise. We are taking off in April from Port Canaveral, and we are heading to the Bahamas. Anybody in the BitSquad is eligible to come. All you’ve got to do is visit and go to the top menu and click on CRUISE to get all the details. When you see me on the cruise, just remember my eyes are up here.

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