Prepare for the Unprecedented Ripple XRP Utility: Judge Astonished, Price Surges to $2/XRP with Unmatched Dominance

The content covers various topics related to cryptocurrency, specifically focusing on XRP. The speaker discusses the utility of XRP in court cases, its potential as a payment method, and the possibility of using XRP in various stores. They also mention the increasing value of Ethereum and negative interest rates imposed by banks. Lastly, they highlight the potential for XRP to experience a significant price increase if it remains consolidated for an extended period.


Hey guys what is up it’s dusty here and welcome back to another crypto video for me right now it is 36 degrees outside and that’s actually all i wanted to say about that now i have a lot of news to cover regarding xrp

Jeremy Hogan’s Statement

Starting it off Jeremy Hogan said When the xrp utility argument next comes up in court the ripple lawyer needs to call in from his eucoid xrp funded phone judge i’ll address utility now just a moment let me add some more minutes to my call with a couple xrp here and the specific article he is referring to or Specifically what he is talking about here is an article from quite a long time ago which read adoption euclid users can now use xrp to pay for electricity mobile top up and more and even though on its own it’s not something i would actually do

Reasons for Not Using Crypto for Payments

You guys know i don’t like to use crypto to pay for things even though i like talking about them and i you know i’m i i don’t know i pay for a lot of things i don’t i don’t like to utilize crypto to pay for it unless I had to use dt if you know what i mean so even though i don’t like to use it for it the fact that it is possible is definitely a big thing and if you want a little bit of a summary as to why i never use crypto to pay for stuff i’m Not gonna say never but i’d like to avoid it whenever possible is because well let’s say you bought a thousand dollars worth of bitcoin at you know 50 000 if bitcoin goes to 60 okay boom you got to spend yourself a little you know extra amount of Money because now all of a sudden for example your money has gone from a thousand to twelve hundred dollars which you know if you spend bitcoin right now you’re basically spending profit so it’s okay if your bitcoin for example goes to forty thousand though and you’ve lost like twenty percent of your money That’s where things hit differently for me you know when you lose the money is when i start to kind of hurt myself a little not not hurt myself and harm myself but i mean when i kind of it when it just hurts it’s just really annoying to do so in a different sense It’s also kind of a waste because i have them at the back of my head if every dollar you keep right now in crypto is for example 10 or maybe 100 future dollars so all you’re doing right now is just kind of wasting it right i think you Guys feel the same way whenever i read the comment section that it’s just a ways to not have crypto right now and again that’s kind of the consequence which i would personally see if i were to go about something like that

Counter Argument to xrp Utility

In court they actually argued before That xrp doesn’t really have utility or at least doesn’t have proper utility and my kind of counter argument to that is as well like okay but look at this and for example look at the fact that you can pay at so many different stores utilizing xrp As well i don’t have an article open for it but trust me when i say so that a ton of stores have not implemented xrp there’s this flared network being created on top of xpledger there’s a lot being made right now there is a lot being made xr people actually tweeted out there’s Another use case to add to your ever growing list john deaden and that is because i believe john deaden is also holding a list to actually present whenever they um need it in court as well it’s just there’s a lot of use case it’s just not really i guess easy to Spot it if you don’t know what you’re looking for and it also depends on what ex you consider a proper use case but the fact you can use it as a currency to pay for things specifically one that’s essential in court right now the telephone minutes for example the Electricity minutes or build whatever yeah that’s pretty funny

Using Buybit for Trading

Also guys if you’re looking for a platform to trade on make sure you use buybit a link is down below right below the video there will be a link i use this myself and it works like a freaking charm right I am not going to trade this entire week because my internet is too bad and the worst thing in the world is if you are trying to do some trade times 10 times 20 and your internet pops off you know just turns off i would literally You know pooh my pants if that were to happen so i’m not going to but that’s also why i guess i’ve logged out for some unapparent reason not exactly sure why that is but i’m not going to trade this entire week until i move somewhere else Because as you guys know i’m just trying out some different places right now and this one the internet is mediocre you know the uploading of a video takes long as well then ethereum just hit frickin three thousand dollars i don’t know if you guys saw it Right now it’s at 3 200 ish going pretty damn strong pretty solid we were expecting this though unit swap is while we were expecting that one things are just popping off exactly like expected

Negative Interest Rates in the Banking System

Then john deedon said can you imagine a bank charging you to hold your money And bitcoin archive below said danske bank in denmark will charge a negative interest rate of minus one percent for all balances over a hundred thousand kroner so sixteen thousand dollars buy bitcoin by my danish friends so in the netherlands here you guys know um there was already i believe last Month that i got another letter if you have above another letter in my mail it’s in my email basically it says there’s a new policy change if you have over a million dollars in your bank account you have to pay them to hold it and it might have actually been reduced now Or it’s gonna reduce in the future to a hundred thousand dollars so if you have that in your bank it’s euros by the way you’re gonna have to pay on that and i really laughed for the first time because you know what the problem with that is Is that even though it’s not bad if you were to consider it fees it starts to get really bad if you consider the fact that they are lending out your money and they’re not just kind of a safeguard system no they’re basically doing everything they can to make money On you and you have to pay for it because they can’t make enough money right with you giving them your money it’s kind of a strange system specifically if they want you to deposit and then you have to pay for it but they want you to and they’re still making profit on you So i mean it’s a crooked system and i don’t know who said it again i think then now there’s a lot of people who have said it before if people truly understand the banking system you wouldn’t use them i’m not going to say stop going to the bank at all but i Would say stop relying too much on a bank as there’s so many risks and so many negative sides involved that’s maybe just what i would say about that one about the banking field and now i guess it’s going all over europe specifically because of the Um i guess the rates here which are even more negative than over in other countries around the world

Potential Price Movement for XRP

Crypto bull posted the longer xp consolidates under 165 the more explosive the move towards two dollars and all i have to say about this one is yeah you know the longer we stay Without a huge pump

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