Prepare for Chaos: Crypto’s Next Move Will Blow Your Mind!

The video discusses the current rise of Bitcoin and its potential impact on the cryptocurrency market. The narrator also analyzes the movements of whales in the market and provides updates on altcoins and the stock market. The video emphasizes the need for caution and notes that the content is not financial advice. The narrator also gives a brief introduction to Minima, a mobile-native blockchain. The video concludes with a Bitcoin whale’s activities and a reminder to stay updated on trends through subscription.

Bitcoin Moves Upwards: What’s Next for the Cryptocurrency Market?

All right guys, what is up? We got a lot to get through today. Bitcoin is having a move upwards which could spell some lovely stuff for the cryptocurrency market, but I do want to let you know exactly what I’m thinking. I also want to check out some whales that we have been following here on the channel to get some insight into what they think is coming next. And also, we have some very interesting news coming out of the old stocks and shares market, which as we know has a big impact on the way cryptocurrency moves. Hopefully, we can decouple again from that, but as we speak, if the equities world is doing well, crypto also in turn seems to do well. So you’re not going to want to miss any of this video. Please do remember that absolutely NADA in my videos is financial advice because hey look, I’m just a random guy sitting in his room. Let’s jump straight into it.

Cryptocurrency Today

Cryptocurrency today is sitting at 1.13 trillion dollar mark, up one percent. Very, very good, very good. Anyone of you guys that has been paying attention in this market has done absolutely incredibly, I’m sure of it. We did have some horrible moves last year, right? But it happens. If you were in the market and you managed to take profit at the top or near the top, congratulations. If you were dollar cost averaging down here in the pit, but you missed out on taking profits up there, you’ve probably made back a substantial amount of your money already. Bitcoin moving from where it was at the bottom of the market, we can see already just on bitcoin is up 60. So, if you were dollar cost averaging down here even down here like I was and talking about here on the channel, you’ve made back a bunch of money already, which is absolutely awesome to see.

Of course, we’ve also been going through a bunch of different altcoins which have done amazingly, absolutely amazingly well. We’ve had a bunch of hundred plus percent moves here on the channel just in the last few weeks. If you do want to stay up to date, if you are new here on the channel, just smash up that subscribe button, and hopefully, we can continue this going forward.

Bull Market or a Bull Trend?

We are again again playing with right here, this region that I’m looking at. I want us to break twenty-five thousand, two hundred to have some chance of us starting a new leg up. I will not be convinced that the bull market or a bull trend has started until we break above here, retest it in and around that level, and then head higher. Even though we may break this, it may still just be a fake out. So, I still wouldn’t be dumping loads of money into the market just because we’ve broken it, but this would be a good indication that we can potentially head higher. You can see that there’s not much stopping us until we get to around this thirty-thousand-dollar region.

Right, so I would say that would be pretty easy if we can break through this level with some volume. If we do check out the smaller term time frame here on the four-hour, you can see that we have this triangle forming here, and just on pure ta, we could hope for around a move to around twenty-six thousand dollars if we can break through this. What we want to see is a nice break here, again, a little bit of a retest, and then heading upwards. That’s the kind of thing we want to see play out.

Of course, we don’t know exactly how this will play out, but if we do break that top, we want to see that retest and then starting to head above these previous levels of resistance here around 25,200, which is of course exactly this level now. If you do want to trade this, maybe you reckon we’re going to break down from here, of course, that is still an opportunity here, and we have some support down here at the 21,000 regions which in my opinion would be a great place for me to start some new long positions if we did get that opportunity.

Channel Sponsor

Just before jumping further into this video, I want to introduce you guys to today’s channel sponsor, and that is Minima. This is the only mobile native layer one blockchain, so you’re going to want to check this one out. Minimal has been designed with decentralization as a primary feature to ensure a censorship resistance network can be built. Now, with a simple app download, anyone can run a minimum node on their mobile phones where all nodes both validate and construct the chain. Since anyone can easily run software in the same way every member of minimum network is equal. This ensures the power of running the blockchain is in the hands of the individuals who run Minima instead of the new class of rulers, miners, and stakers. Minima currently has a hard…

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