Neon Skies P2E Game: Jaw-Dropping Designs and Big Benefits for Holders That Will Leave You Breathless

The video discusses an upcoming P2E game called Neon Skies that will be launched on the Polygon network. The game will have its own native utility token called Rain, which will be the in-game currency. The project is also scheduled for an NFT collection drop called Sky Punk Legacy NFTs. The designs and graphics of the project are well-done, and the video recommends checking out the links for more information. The game will require a pilot license to play, but holders of Rain tokens will not have to pay the fee. Players can trade their in-game Rain rewards for USDC using the Neon Swap, with a five percent swap fee going directly to the reward pool for economic sustainability.

Neon Skies: The Latest P2E Game on the Polygon Network

If you’re into cryptocurrency and gaming, then Neon Skies is something that you shouldn’t miss out on. This upcoming P2E game will be launching on the polygon network and it comes with its own native utility token called Rain. But that’s not all – they also have an NFT collection drop currently scheduled for May 31st. Here’s everything else you need to know about Neon Skies.


Welcome back to another brand new cryptocurrency video! In today’s video, we’ll be discussing the latest P2E game on the polygon network – Neon Skies. My name is Moonlight, and before we dive in, make sure to hit that subscribe button down below and leave a like rating on your way out. Also, be sure to watch out for WhatsApp scammers in the comment section!

About Neon Skies

Neon Skies is a new P2E game that takes place in the year 2199. After the fall of federal governments and the acceleration of climate change, humanity has endured a collapsing social order. With the aid of the Neon Skies Council operatives, weather drones drop explosive neon ice capsules into the sky to engineer the weather. This results in neon skies which are incredibly bright and vivid at night.

Native Utility Token

Rain is the native utility token used in the Neon Skies game as an in-game currency. Players can trade their Rain rewards for USDC using the Neon Swap, where a 5% swap fee goes directly to the reward pool to promote economic sustainability.

NFT Collection

The Sky Punk Legacy NFT collection will be dropping on May 31st, and only 2,000 exist. The Sky Punks were the first humans to attempt to rebuild civilization around the revolutionary neon ice technology. Generations of varied customs, traditions, styles, and political beliefs fractured the Sky Punks into the five distinct factions we know today. The Sky Punk Legacy NFTs look absolutely stunning, and various benefits come with owning them.

Benefits of Owning Rain Token

If you want to play the game, becoming a Rain token holder pays off as you won’t have to pay the fees required to play. Also, you’ll be able to earn rewards in in-game currency, which can be traded for USDC. Rain will be available on the swap, and you can easily swap your rain tokens for USDC.

Final Thoughts

Neon Skies takes P2E gaming to another level, where players are not only limited to just playing the game but can also trade their in-game currency for USDC. With unique NFTs dropping soon and the benefit of being a Rain token holder, you don’t want to miss out on Neon Skies.

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