“Is Your Bank at Risk of Collapsing? Discover the Shocking Truth About Impending Rate Hikes!”

The video highlights a warning about what’s happening in the economy from influential individuals and notes on Jerome Powell’s recent statement causing the market to fall. The video also covers the top 10 cryptocurrency, which fell by 70%, and other news in the crypto market. The video discusses multiple banks falling significantly and upcoming events that could cause volatility in the market. Private payrolls surged, signaling a strong labor market, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk warned that the Fed is making decisions using stale data. The video also explores Pac West weighing strategic options and Comerica down 6.5% due to the Fed raising rates by 25 basis points. Jerome Powell commented that the labor market remains tight, future policy firming will depend on incoming data, and if there is a recession, it will look different than prior ones.

Massive Warning About Economy and Market Fall due to Fed Meeting


Welcome to the latest news update. In this video, we discuss a massive warning about the economy and the recent market fall following the Fed meeting. Additionally, we cover notes on what Jerome Powell just said and some updates on the cryptocurrency market.

Market Fall and Jerome Powell’s Comments

The market fell at the end of the trading day due to the Fed’s meeting, and Jerome Powell’s comments didn’t help either. He commented that the banking sector has improved since March, despite one of the largest banks just collapsing, and that credit conditions have been tightening. He also mentioned that the labor market remains strong, but the supply and demand are coming back in balance. Future policy firming will depend on incoming data.

Top 10 Cryptocurrency Falling by 70%

The top 10 cryptocurrency fell by 70%, but it’s important to clarify that it’s by fully diluted valuation. Nonetheless, it’s still among the top 100 cryptocurrencies, no matter what metric you look at.

Crypto Market News and Updates

Regarding the crypto market, we discuss some recent news and updates, including cryptos that we’re watching and even buying. Additionally, we stress the importance of a VPN for crypto owners to ensure safety and mitigate security risks.

Banks Falling Significantly and the Fed’s Push

We highlight the significant news regarding multiple banks falling down significantly, with Pac West considering strategic options, including a sale. The Fed’s recent interest rate hikes push banks over the edge, and we may see bank failures in the near future.


Overall, there are lots of pieces of news to cover these days. Despite the recent market fall and the Fed’s push, we still have room for optimism long term. It’s important to pay attention to incoming data and keep a close eye on the developments as we move forward. As always, we encourage you to subscribe and turn on the bell notification for the latest updates.

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