Is This Undervalued Altcoin About to Explode with Crypto Riches?

In this video, Tom from Crypto Busy discusses the latest developments with Multiverse X (formerly known as Elrond) and its potential to solve issues in cross-border and general payments. Multiverse X uses sharding to split up the blockchain, which allows for infinite transactions and increased speed. The platform also utilizes a secure proof of stake method that is more energy-efficient than proof of work. Multiverse X has undergone a rebranding and acquired UTrust, and has been listed on various exchanges. Tom highlights the project’s roadmap, including the launch of the X Launchpad in 2023. The project is currently ranked 48 and has potential for growth, but may take several years to reach its all-time high.

Understanding Multiverse X (Elrond): Latest Developments and Price Predictions


Hey everyone, how are you all doing? It’s Tom here from Crypt Busy and in today’s video, I want to jump straight into what’s happening with Multiverse X. Lots of really cool developments have been happening and I want to cover the latest updates in this video. I will also be sharing some price predictions towards the end of the video.

Multiverse X: Solving Blockchain Problems

Multiverse X (Elrond) is a blockchain protocol that seeks to offer extremely high transaction speeds by using sharding. This means that the blockchain is split up into infinite amounts and runs an infinite amount of transactions on the particular blockchain. Multiverse X aims to solve cross-border payments, making payments more efficient.

Multiverse X Stake Method

What makes Multiverse X unique is that it has a different staking method. It’s not a proof of stake, but a secure proof of stake method that improves the original proof of state protocols by fairness by including stake and ratings. Proof of stake is more energy-efficient compared to proof of work.

Elrond’s Acquisition of Utrust

Elrond has acquired Utrust which they will be utilizing as part of their new rebranding strategy. Utrust applications will be integrated with Elrond, making it more efficient in solving cross-border payments and decentralized finance.

Multiverse X Roadmap

It’s always good to look at the roadmap for a particular project to have a good idea of where things are going. Multiverse X’s roadmap shows that the X Launchpad will be coming in 2023 as well as the X Fabrics and X Money. These developments are exciting to see.

Price Predictions

Multiverse X is currently ranked 48th with an all-time high of nearly 500. While it may take a few years, I believe that it can get back up to its all-time high with the current fundamentals and adoption of the network.


In conclusion, Multiverse X has a lot of potential in solving blockchain problems such as cross-border payments and decentralized finance. Its unique staking method makes it more energy-efficient compared to proof of work. With the latest developments and integration with Utrust, Multiverse X’s future looks bright.

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