Is this the Ultimate Sports Trading Platform to Make 100x Profit on the Hottest Altcoin Right Before FIFA?

BetSwap is a trading exchange platform that revolves around sports betting. The platform offers users the ability to make Sports predictions more exciting and flexible by setting the odds themselves. The platform has its own altcoin called BSGG, providing multiple utilities including DAO governance staking, social betting and discounted platform fees for using the platform. BetSwap regularly performs BSGG token buybacks which reduces the token supply and keeps it deflationary. The platform has garnered significant funding and has started generating fees. It offers a wide variety of sports including football, basketball, cricket, F1 racing, MMA, UFC and Esports.


Foreign To a brand new cryptocurrency video, my name’s Moonlight. Thank you all so much for watching today’s video.

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About the Video Content

In today’s video, we are going to be talking about a trading platform more so a trading exchange revolving Sports.

Restrictions from Youtube

Now I don’t want to say specifically regarding betting or anything like that because I’ve had Youtube restrict me in the past talking about the subject.

FIFA and Project Potential

Regarding obviously sports betting and you know things like sports betting. But anyways, YouTube you guys I do have to say that YouTube has just been very bad with her restricting me. And obviously again FIFA’s right around the corner, we’re in a bear market, coins are starting to pick up as well just like coin the other day were back over twenty thousand um twenty thousand US dollars a lot of a lot of all coins are up like ten percent right now which is pretty awesome to see, but anyways let’s dive right on into it guys.

About the Website

What exactly am I talking about? Well, the actual platform itself is called bet swap. Now, here is the website you guys you can get to them by going to

Betting and Roles

It’s a sports trading exchange, you can choose your site to be better or a rookie uh or a bookie story the BET sports prediction market allows users to be a better or a bookmaker make sports predictions more exciting and flexible by setting the odds.

Benefits of the Platform

And this is how you can see from their actual app you guys, it looks really really good and obviously why is this beneficial to you. Well like I mentioned at the start of the video regarding FIFA, you will be able to actually be a better or a bookie when FIFA does come out and that again I believe is in November when FIFA officially kind of starts.

BSGG Token and its Features for the Users

The BSG token provides multiple utilities including Dao governance staking social betting and discounted platform fees for using their actual platform you guys which is pretty awesome obviously um and that’s obviously just for holding.

Cryptocurrency and Token on Blockchain

The token when you hold BSGG you will receive a discount on platform fees leaving more money in your pocket. So, if you are actually using the sports uh and you are going to be trading with the sports betting then you will be saving yourself some fees with that, and BSGG Token is an error C20 token that resides on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchain and is the centerpiece of the platform.

Token BuyBacks

Now there are some token BuyBacks as well which I think is pretty awesome not a lot of projects actually implement that but bet swap regularly performs BSGG token buybacks this removes tokens from circulation ensuring the token supply is consistently reduced and is deflationary by design.

Milestones on Roadmap

Now currently you guys with the funding of this I believe when I was looking at their social media they have enough funding to last three years without anybody using their platform so, basically, they can be live without any income coming in for three years. That’s how much funding they actually garnered, which is pretty impressive and they’ve already started to generate fees and I would say funding through their fees and things like that because obviously platforms like this need make money somehow and that’s when those small fees come into play but you guys can see here this is upcoming games that they will be having coming on their platform such as their wheel mining crash trend ball roulette classic dice things like that, so it’s pretty cool that they’re going to be having that and kind of creating their own I would say little mini crypto casino whatever you want to call it which would be pretty awesome.


But for their sports, you guys, they’re not just limited to FIFA, like I mentioned to start with football, you have basketball cricket you have F1 racing, you have MMA UFC which is gonna be pretty awesome Esports, you have NFL, like I said MMA and whatnot you can see some of the backing investors as well you have Wonderland Shima Capital DSA Investments so quite a lot of people are backing it and then they have some Milestones on their roadmap I don’t want to touch on the roadmap too too much you guys things change, things get delayed all the time and things come out early.

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