“Is This the End for XRP, BTC and Crypto? Shocking News Unfolds!”

Crypto influencer Ivan on Tech has warned about the possible devaluation of the US dollar and the impact it could have on individual economic freedom. Countries such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, and China are seeking economic alliances, and the decision to move away from the US dollar towards the Chinese yuan would be detrimental to the US economy, leading to inflation and even total control over what individuals buy or sell. Ivan on Tech also addressed Bitcoin’s potential to become the next world reserve currency, citing a chart which shows it reaching $1 million in just three months.

XRP Is Pumping Up 11% Today

XRP has seen an 11% increase today, with the price holding up at around 50 cents. While this is a juicy increase, the bigger picture is still a cause for concern, especially with recent events that will be explored in this article.

Macroeconomic Changes

Recent events indicate that the global economy is shifting away from the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency. Russia and Saudi Arabia are both in talks with China to use the Chinese Yuan for international payments, while Saudi Arabia is also considering an economic alliance with China and Russia. This could result in the US dollar losing its position as the dominant currency, which would have severe consequences for the US economy and individuals.

The Dangers of Losing Dominance

If emerging economies move away from using the US dollar and towards the Chinese Yuan, it could be used to massively control individuals. This would have severe consequences, including enraging inflation, loss of individual economic freedom, and the government having total access and control over everything you buy and sell. This is a severe warning, and something everyone should be aware of.

CBDCs and Crypto Regulation

The G7 nations have come to a conclusion to work together on tougher global crypto regulations, which is a potential cause of concern for crypto enthusiasts. However, the regulations could be beneficial if they keep markets free and ensure individuals are not scammed.

The Future of Currency

The end of the US dollar as the world’s dominant currency does not necessarily mean Bitcoin will take over, but it could serve as an intermediary currency while cryptocurrencies gain dominance in the market. A Bitcoin chart indicates that it could reach one million dollars in the next few months, which is not as far-fetched as it may seem. Ultimately, individuals need to be aware of the changes happening in the global economy and adapt accordingly.

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