Is THETA NETWORK the Most Essential Blockchain? What Will Its Price Be in 2024?

The video discusses Theta Network, a web3 blockchain infrastructure for video media and entertainment. The network has been released and is currently being utilized by big institutions such as Google, Samsung, and Sony. The video also mentions Theta Network’s potential to cut costs for regular media enterprises and shift towards the blockchain, making it a net positive for the industry. The video predicts that Theta Network has a 30x potential in the next bull run, doubling in all-time high market cap. The video concludes by discussing the patreon and encouraging viewers to invest.

Vita Network: The Blockchain Infrastructure for Video and Entertainment

Hello everyone, welcome to my Channel. Today we’re going to be talking about Vita Network, an amazing project that I will be holding for the next bull run. Before we get into this video, I do want to say this is not financial advice, this is solely my opinion and I will be talking about the patreon later in the video. So if you guys would like to make some big big money in the depths of this bear market, wait to the end of the video where I’ll talk about patreon.

What is Vita Network?

Vita Network is a Web3 blockchain infrastructure for video media entertainment. As you guys can see, it’s a media and entertainment blockchain. This isn’t the next decentralized YouTube, this isn’t the next decentralized media platform, but it is a platform aka blockchain for the next decentralized media applications to be built upon. So in that aspect, you can see it has potential.

The Potential of Vita Network

The Meta chain was released about a month and four days ago around the first of December, so again, there is some scarcity around the network. If we do have a look at the price, it is currently at about 0.76 dollars, and the support is about 0.5. So again, when do you start accumulating the internet work? You know, my tagline is “2023 is going to be a Black Friday sale for crypto,” so if you guys believe that the internet would reach down to 0.5, then maybe you should start accumulating. But personally, the difference between 0.5 and 0.75 isn’t that much of a difference for me to stay away from investing in Vita Network.

As you guys can see, it’s down, and it’s down big time from the all-time high. It’s currently at about 750 million dollars in market cap when it’s reached highs of 12 billion dollars in the market, which is about a 16x I believe to all-time high. So will people utilize across the network? Will it be big in the next bull run? What is my price prediction? That’s a lot of questions that you guys probably want answering from me, so let’s discuss them all.

The Utilization of Vita Network

Well, who cares what I think. Let’s have a look at the people already utilizing Data Network, sorry did I say cross-network, Vita Network. If I said cross, I mean Vita Network. Vita Network is an amazing project, but let’s look at the people already utilizing Vita Network. Video technology partners, let’s have a look, WPT, G Fuel, Fail Army. I’m sure you guys know the rest of these people. That’s just one aspect of it. Let’s have a look at the content and media partners that are currently utilizing Vita Network. Lionsgate, one of the biggest companies out there in the industry, NASA, Samsung, and Sony. These are some big companies, and they’re utilizing Vita Network right now. Last one, data validator partners – let’s have a look – Samsung, Sony, Google.

My point is whether or not you believe Vita Network is going to be utilized, it’s already being utilized. And that is why I love Vita Network so much. It doesn’t matter what our opinion is about the network. All that matters is big institutions are using it. The big institutions are using it, and there’s going to be a lot of money invested in this project.

The Price of Vita Network

So where will I see the internet work in the next bull run? We don’t know how the bull run is going to go. If we see Bitcoin reach 100K in price, then we could see a lot of these crypto projects go even higher. But let’s talk about 2024, 2025. Where can I see Vita Network going? I do believe it has the potential to double in all-time high market cap. A lot of you may think that’s silly, but look, we’re seeing the likes of actually Infinity, 10 billion dollars, and that doesn’t even have anywhere near the potential of Vita Network, guys.

Vita Network has a lot of potential. A lot of big institutions are using it, and that’s what matters the most. So again, I do believe this project does have about a 30x potential in the next bull run. A 30x on this current price is about, let’s have a look guys, let’s get this exact price on here for these decimal places. That is about 22-23 dollars for Vita Network for one Vita Network token.

Investing in Vita Network

Again, guys, yes, some of these utilize algorithms to do so, but I’m just trying to highlight to you guys if you guys do follow these blogs and these websites that tell you guys that Vita Network doesn’t even have any potential because it’s only going to reach what, 2.2? That’s about what, 3x your money, 4x your money? Then you may fall short and not invest in Vita Network. I don’t want that for you guys.

Look, I love this project. I believe it’s going to be big. It’s on binance, and it’s on cool coin, so the biggest exchange out there has Vita Network listed. If that doesn’t show you the potential of it, I don’t know what does. Not only does the biggest exchange have Vita Network, but big institutions like Google, Samsung, Sony, Lionsgate utilize Vita Network’s blockchain.

The community and the promotion of this project – I can see nothing wrong with this. I’m going to be investing in Vita Network. If you guys would like to invest in Vita Network, you know where to get it. It’s on the biggest exchanges out there – binance and cool coin.

The Conclusion

That’s it for this video, guys. This was a short video discussing Vita Network, the potential I believe it has, and where it will go. Remember, guys, if Vita has a 32x potential in my eyes, that’s about a 15-20x potential going into the next bull run because I will be selling early to mitigate the risk.

I’m going to be talking about the patreon now because I do believe in supporting. For me, talking about my patreon, people are making some big big money. You know, Calvpn, Integral, Zenith Chain – all these projects – people have made two to five x their money, and I want you guys to make your money too in the depths of this bear market.

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