Is the FIRST Cryptocurrency Pre Sale Altcoin of 2023 Set to Amaze with an Explosive Impact?

The content discusses a pre-sale project called Virtual Trader, a worldwide P2P exchange that aims to make cryptocurrency trading and investment solutions more accessible. The project offers a native utility token called VTR, which provides access to the staking platform. The project is audited and verified with KYC. It plans to introduce a credit card system and NFTs in the future. There are zero fees for buying and selling on the Binance Smart Chain. The project has a marketing schedule with influencers and aims to be listed on CoinGecko. The content encourages readers to read the white paper and participate in the pre-sale.

Welcome back everybody my name is Moonlight

Thank you guys for tuning in into today’s video. Today we are going to be looking over a pre-sale project on a pink sale. That is right, you guys. Now obviously we are in the new year of 2023, we can expect a lot of bullish momentum coming forward into crypto and I personally do believe that, especially with everything that’s been going on. You know, we’ve seen the jump from Bitcoin specifically. We hit that close to 15,000 mark, we’re back over twenty thousand dollars, not to mention Solano has been up over 40 percent this last week which is pretty crazy in and of itself. If you guys saw my previous video, like a month or two back, I did tell you all it was a perfect time to get into Solano. If you did, you would have close to doubled your money already because I believe it hit like 10, 11, it’s now over twenty dollars and I think it’s just gonna keep going up honestly. Yeah, we could have still some spikes of you know obviously crypto going down and whatnot, especially with a lot of a lot of I would say scam and rug pull news coming out in the crypto space, especially with like FTX more specifically, but anyways we’re not here to talk about that you guys. Today we are going to be taking a look at a project that’s geared towards making crypto I would say more feasible for a lot of users with staking with trading with providing solutions that a lot of other crypto platforms cannot and you’re going to understand as you go throughout the actual project itself they have been kyc verified as well as security audited especially when it comes to Pink sale, you do need that and I think that just also adds a lot more validity in my opinion. I think that’s awesome that they actually have that and let’s face it a lot of us kind of need that verification nowadays especially getting into a lot of these different crypto alts. Um because we’ve seen the past and previous crypto all coins when you don’t have that what happens to them usually right. That’s why I’m really bullish on this project and the pre-sale is scheduled to go in about a day I believe, so I’m gonna make sure to leave all their links down below in the description so you can do your own research, tech check them out for yourself and see if it’s a right fit for you but without further ado you guys, let’s get right on into it and I’ll see you guys in it.

The Actual Project: Virtual Trader

So the actual project itself is called virtual Trader, you guys. Virtual Trader is a P2P exchange that operates worldwide. You can get to them by going to Again, I’m going to make sure to leave all the links down below in the description for you guys. Here as well as their pink sale page as you can see the pre-sale does start in about a day and 20 hours from now. But just to give you guys a little bit of a rundown of virtual Trader. Virtual Trader (VTR) is their native utility token. It is a worldwide P2P exchange providing cryptocurrency trading and investment solutions completely free of intermediaries. With the VTR token, investors will have access to the staking platform. Staking, just in and of itself, you guys know I’m a big fan of staking. I highly recommend people get into staking, especially in a bear market because you don’t have to worry about a token’s volatility too too much. You literally do nothing and you just keep gaining tokens. Wait for that bull market and then you gain a huge ROI. That’s just my opinion on it. They’re going to be having their swap, their farm, as well as their bridge. Not to mention, they do have plans later on to introduce a credit card system, which is very cool. They have governance in the platform, so you get that voting power. They are also going to be coming out with NFTs. All these functions are fully audited and verified with KYC and audit. If you are interested to take a look at that, feel free to do so on their pink sale page. Not to mention, there are zero fees for buying and selling, which is something I personally like. It is on the Binance Smart Chain, so you don’t really have to worry about any fees, maybe 20 cents in fees if that. They have a fully aggressive marketing schedule with influencers and AMAs of voices. Coin Market Cap and CoinGecko, just to show you guys our Coin Market Cap right here. It’s gonna be on CoinGecko very, very soon. But it just shows you guys that they are committed right now. They are heavily trying to push this project and it’s getting a lot of eyes. It’s getting a lot of attention and a lot of traction so far. A lot of people are talking about it and it’s pretty clear to see why.

Virtual Trader’s White Paper

If we go back to their actual website here, I recommend before anything else you guys go over to their white paper, read it. This way you can get a better understanding of Virtual Trader and what they’re trying to do. I don’t want to bore you guys too, too much, but you guys can see the overview. They have everything about the project in their white paper, so I do recommend you read it anyways. But just a quick more little in-depth overview about their vision, their mission, as well as P2P for their vision. After a market analysis, they’ve identified some anomalies and open entries in order to bring above all security but also ease to their investors. They have an approach from the most biased fi tools as the best negotiations with zero rates. Their mission is offering a platform providing P2P trading solutions to investors. Their token, VTR, allows users to make discounted payments, trade, get legal and tax support, as well as staking for profits. Basically, if you’re a newbie to crypto, this is a platform you should probably be taking a look at. You guys could read a little bit more in depth with them here.

How to Purchase VTR

If we go back to their website and you go down, you guys, if you are interested to actually purchase the VTR token, again their pink sale is coming in about a day’s time. You guys can see here the total supply is about 100,000 VTR tokens for pre-sell. That has been allocated is 40,400 tokens. For the liquidity, it is close to about 20,000 and the soft cap is at 50 BNB. If you scroll down even more, you can see here that there is a cycle for the unlock period. But their unlock date, their liquidity lockup time, sorry I should say, is 370 days after the pool ends. So a couple years after, which is pretty awesome as well. I know a lot of people are very kind of picky about that, so I did just want to kind of announce that. And if you have any questions, comment below, reach out to the team yourself, be like, “I’m not an expert by any means.” I came across this project just the other day and I saw the potential, especially in the new 2023 year. Probably I think this is the first video I’m doing regarding the pre-sale project, pre-sale altcoin. So if you guys like the pre-sale videos, make sure to leave a thumbs up and let me know in the comments. Here are our partners as well, you guys. You can see obviously Moonpay,, PancakeSwap, DappRadar, kind of the standard, but I would say Moonpay being good because you could buy crypto and I’m assuming that’s what they’re going to have on their platform, you’re gonna be able to buy crypto with…


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