Is Terraformers: Many Worlds the Next 100x Gem? Exciting Zero Gas Blockchain RPG Game Coming Soon!

The video introduces Terraformers’ Expansion 2 and 3, which are focused on collecting lands that generate Black Hole Tokens. The ecosystem includes five tokens and six different drop tables with a range of variants and rarities. The rarer the variant, the higher the rewards, but also the risk. The pack comes in MC packs and MC ultra packs. The Teralab makes crafting user-friendly with no fees for depositing or withdrawing tokens. Black Hole Cannons’ generative NFTs can mitigate crafting costs while mining research tokens, with a max supply of 5000 and available for sale on July 2nd. The token details show tradable tokens on

Welcome to Crypto Clear

Hi everyone, welcome back to Crypto Clear – your one-stop for all project reviews on crypto, NFTs, and blockchain. Today, we will be discussing Terraformers Many World, and more specifically, we will be touching on the two expansions that are happening.

Expansion 2 and 3

Expansion 2 and 3 are exciting events that people are eagerly waiting for. Speaking of Expansion 2, the ecosystem has five tokens in total, with the basis of the expansion being the collection of lands that will generate black hole tokens. The variants range from organic, bionic, divine, quantum, cosmic, and research, with rarities from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, Lamarcian, Promethean, Sopheric, Eldritch, and Omnipotent. Mining is an essential attribute that determines the productive output.

Black Hole Cannon Sale

The most exciting news regarding Terraformers Many World is that there’s going to be a “Black Hole Cannon sale.” It’s going to happen on July 2nd at 18 o’clock UTC. So, mark that down on your calendars and check it out – it’s coming out sooner than you think.


As we dive deeper into the documents, the more exciting the expansion gets. The documents link below highlights the different pair bonuses and their gain. The higher tier variants are more heavily weighted towards the higher rarities, meaning that they are much more punishing if you are unlucky and more rewarding if you are lucky. The packs cost more, the lower the tiers, with all lands being backed by 25 WAXP tokens, guaranteeing a floor price.

Pack and Minerals

The pack system consists of two categories – the MC Packs and the MC Ultra Packs, each having a max supply of 30,000 lands allocated. You also have the minerals land types and infusions, with the same land types potentially rolling any of the three different infusions.

Gadgets and Embodiments

Gadgets are NFTs that provide an additive bonus to the productive output of any resource-generating NFT that they are attached to. The embodiments are 2k times 2k AI-generated PFPS that provide an extra multiplier to the productive output of any resource-generating NFTs that they are attached to. Completing a set unlocks extra functionality for your Black Hole Cannon, further increasing crafting efficiency.

Terraform Lab and Black Hole Cannon

The Terarform lab is where all crafting takes place. It makes use of an internal wallet, making it very user-friendly. Black Hole Cannons can be used to mitigate the cost of crafting while also possibly mining research tokens.


All tokens are tradable on The token contract is deployed by the wallet Terraformers, with all tokens being minted ahead of time and held within the primary mining wallet Teraminex. The max supply of the black hole token is at 182,500, the research token is at a little over 18 million, and half a million MP anchor in EGMP. The observed token is at 182,500.


In conclusion, Terraformers Many World is expanding, and with each expansion, it becomes more exciting. The Black Hole Cannon sale happening soon is a significant event for the community, as it paves the way for crafting and mining research tokens. Make sure to keep an eye out for Terraformers Many World – it could very well be the next big thing in the world of blockchain.

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