Is LOOP Network Set to Take Over BSC and Explode 100x in the Upcoming Bull Run?

Loop Network is a layer one blockchain project that simplifies the workload for creating decentralized apps (dApps). It is an advanced version of Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum that prioritizes low cost and transaction speed. Loop Network’s blockchain supports advanced security and scalability while retaining the fundamental properties of blockchain technology (decentralization and security). It also simplifies the process of building ERC20 and ERC-721 tokens as well as upgradable proxy contracts for developers. Loop Network’s roadmap includes the release of Loop Swap, its main dex, and bridging assets between evm-compatible chains.

Loop Network: The Next Advanced Version of BSC for Developers and Makers

If I were to tell you to buy BNB right before the previous bull market before BSC all blew up, would you have bought it? Well, if you did buy BNB or Cake, you made so much money during the previous bull run. So today, I’m gonna share with you guys the next upcoming one that nobody knows about yet. And this one is an even more advanced version of BSC.

The first part is their partners, which they have a lot. Their partners are CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, Certificate, and others.

Loop Network is a LaoOne blockchain project based on the custom EVM. It also helps support smart contracts and build DApps (Decentralized Apps) which is related to web3 technology. It’s called the; it’s a super scalable blockchain and a powerful D5 platform. The main net is already out so you can check out the mainnet right here.

This project simplifies so much of the workload. You can build Ethereum DApps with minimal configuration changes. You do not need to rewrite or reconfigure your smart contracts; you can just work on it right away. You can use Ethereum based tools you love like Myndamask or remix or hard hat waffle truffle dot support for the Solidity or viper or anything that complies with evm bytecode.

Scalability is crucial, low cost, and the speed of its transaction. In the beginning, Ethereum dominated the entire market. Uniswap and Sushiswap were the main dexes on board until BSC came about, and then Pancake Swap took over. They dominated the market because they’re faster, cheaper, and easier and simpler to understand. Now Loop Network is planning to do the same thing with Pancake Swap and BNB.

For developers out there, this technology simplifies your life by tenfold. You can easily build an ERC20 token, ERC721 token, or upgradable proxy contracts. All of these functions are simplified just for you. You can run a full node with this too.

The mainnet beta is going to be developed, and a block explorer for the mainnet web wallet, a certificate audit, and also press releases. Q3 will be more centralized exchange listings, mobile wallet development, and last but not least, the open partnership for the ecosystem.

If you want to be a developer or a maker instead of an investor, then Loop Network is definitely the project for you. Make sure to follow them on Twitter and turn on the notification bell to get the most updated news. You do not want to be late for any news. Always try to be early, and if you want to talk to the team or the community, just join them on Telegram. This is one of the most interesting and promising projects in the crypto world. Subscribe down below, turn on the notification bell, like this video, and let’s stay ahead of the game!

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