Is it really over? – Nightly News WrapUp

Canadian crypto exchange WonderFi, backed by Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary, has acquired Coinberry for $38.5 million, bringing its user base to over 750,000. WonderFi’s goal is to compete with Coinbase and Binance on the global stage by following regulations. Meanwhile, MetaMask has warned Apple users that their passwords could be breached if saved in an iCloud backup. Finally, the SEC vs. XRP case has taken another unexpected turn, with the discovery phase ending abruptly, leading to speculation of a settlement.

Mr. Wonderful Acquires Another Canadian Crypto Exchange

Shark Tank billionaire, Kevin O’Leary, continues to make headlines in the crypto industry. O’Leary is not just a famous whale with deep pockets; he’s also become an advocate for the crypto industry. He’s the big investor and public face of WonderFi Technologies, a Vancouver-based crypto platform. After recently acquiring the Bitbuy exchange for $203 million, WonderFi has over 600,000 users. They’re going toe to toe with the likes of Coinbase and Binance by playing a long game and acquiring more Canadian crypto exchanges. This time, WonderFi purchased another Canadian exchange, Coinberry, for $38.5 million. The acquisition will hire more staff and onboard another 750,000 users to the WonderFi user base.

MetaMask Sends Warning to Apple Users

MetaMask, a popular crypto wallet, recently issued a warning to Apple users that their iClouds could be targets of phishing attacks. After implementing Apple Pay to enable users to purchase crypto seamlessly, MetaMask discovered that passwords could get saved in an iCloud backup. Hackers are targeting those with paper-handed passwords. To combat the issue, MetaMask recently sent a series of tweets. Follow the steps in the tweets to avoid being targeted if you’ve used Apple Pay to purchase crypto from MetaMask.

SEC vs XRP Case Takes an Unexpected Turn

The roller coaster of the SEC vs XRP case has taken another unexpected turn. The SEC is taking punches against the ropes and delaying everything they can so the bell can save them. Dirty Gary Gensler is taking a serious L, and they’re putting the hard truth off to save face. The SEC has abruptly ended the discovery phase of the case, which is bullish for XRP. This means that the exchange of information between the SEC and XRP is over. The only remaining areas of delay are the appeal, the Hinman emails, and the details of the hearings. Twitter rumors report a possible settlement in the future, which will be good news for the XRP Army.

Market Watch with Frankie Candles

Bitcoin is currently at $40,829, up about 3% for the day. Ethereum is up about 2.2% for the day, coming in at $3,058. The top movers of the day are GMT, Terra LUNA, Zcash, Monero, Loopring, and Moonbeam. Privacy coins are pumping, but the higher timeframes are still looking bearish. Follow Frankie Candles on YouTube and @Frankie_Candles on all socials for more market updates.

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