Is Gala Games on the Brink of Igniting the Next Bull Run?

Blockchain gaming is projected to grow to $50 billion by 2025, ten times the growth rate of traditional gaming. The NFT gaming space is currently undervalued, with a market cap of around $13 billion, just around the same as Dogecoin. Gala games has the first-mover advantage in the play-to-earn blockchain gaming scene, building and expanding during a bear market. The diverse gaming portfolio of Gala games increases its chance of success, and even if some games flop, having one game that strikes gold could send them to another dimension. Gala is currently 32 times lower than its all-time high price, making it oversold and potentially explosive in the next bull run.

Why Gala Could Explode in the Next Bull Run

Blockchain gaming is estimated to grow to 50 billion dollars by 2025, a growth rate 10 times that of traditional gaming. Gala, currently oversold and trading at 32 times less than its all-time high price, has the potential to smash through its all-time high and explode in the next bull run.

The Undervalued Blockchain Gaming Space

The market cap of the entire blockchain gaming space sits at around 13 billion dollars, the same market cap as Dogecoin during a bear market. This shows the undervaluation of amazing crypto projects like ApesCoin, Sandbox, Engine, and Axie Infinity. Memecoins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu reach crazy all-time highs due to people buying based on FOMO without actually looking at utility.

Gala: The First Mover Advantage in Play-to-Earn Gaming

Gala has a first-mover advantage in the play-to-earn blockchain gaming space, joining before giants like EA and Activision. Even during a bear market, Gala has spent 5 billion dollars towards its NFT expansion, constantly developing and building. With a diverse gaming portfolio, Gala Games is set up for long-term success. As the great Mark Cuban says, “You only have to be right once.”

The Potential for Explosive Growth

Gala’s potential for explosive growth lies in having such an incredible fundamental ecosystem. With one game striking gold, Gala Games can explode and go beyond. The more games in their diverse portfolio, the higher the chances of success. The lower the price, the higher the potential. Not financial advice, but Gala has incredible potential and can truly shock people in the next bull run and beyond.

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