Is Ethereum on the Verge of Crashing in 10 Days? Should You Sell Your Holdings?

With just 10 days until the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, investors are divided over its implications. On the one hand, around 10% of Ethereum’s total supply will be released from the 2.0 contract, making it more accessible to investors. On the other hand, market fluctuations are expected, with some predicting a crash. The YouTubers advise investors not to act on emotions and to hold onto what they believe in for the long term, whatever may happen in the short term. They also recommend having cash on hand to take advantage of buying opportunities.


Welcome back to the channel where we discuss all things financial. Today, we are joined by my friend Connor to talk about the upcoming Ethereum Shanghai upgrade, which is happening in 10 days on April 12th. There are a lot of opinions out there regarding this upgrade, and we are going to share our thoughts about it.

Is It Already Priced In?

Many people believe that this upgrade could trigger a market crash. However, some experts argue that this is already priced in, and we might not see any major changes. Regardless of our opinions, it is essential to remember that nothing in our videos is financial advice. We are simply two guys sharing our thoughts here.

The Ethereum Upgrade and Its Impact

The most significant change with this upgrade is that Ethereum is going to be able to come out of the 2.0 contract. So, people will unlock their Ethereum, take profits, and sell them. Some people bought Ethereum when it was around 100 to 200 per ETH, and now they have had to keep them all locked up in the Ethereum contract. The fact that now 10% of Ethereum’s supply is coming to the market is causing concern among some investors.

The Downward Action – What To Expect

Connor believes that Ethereum will have some downward action once the day hits because people will realize that they suddenly got access to their Ethereum. It may cause some selling pressure in the market. Some research claims that it could be around $50 to $90,000 worth of Ethereum per day and a considerable amount of selling pressure.

No Way to Tell

We both agree that there is no way to tell what will happen with the Ethereum Shanghai upgrade. Someone might try to sell their Ethereum nowadays, but the market might do the complete opposite of what we expect. It is always best to prepare for both scenarios.

The Best Strategy

In our opinion, the best strategy is to hold onto Ethereum if you are already invested in it. Do not act on any emotional impulses on the day of the upgrade. This might cause you to make rash decisions, and you might miss out on bigger gains in the long run. Remember to hold onto things that you believe in for the long term.


The Ethereum Shanghai upgrade is happening soon, and we are all excited about it. We are both bullish on Ethereum and believe that it will have an upward trajectory in the long run. But regardless of our opinions, it is always essential to do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency.

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