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Crypto Legions’ Bloodstone currency and overall project have come under scrutiny in a video review due to concerns over shady practices. The content creator warns that the project is blacklisting wallets and entities, with the team holding 65% of the tokens, creating a situation where holders are held hostage. The content creator notes the lack of disclosure over where the YouTubers promoting the project got their tokens from, and highlights that the only people promoting it are sponsored content creators who put out daily NFT project videos. Investors are warned to be cautious and not to trust an “undocks team for a random platform game”.

Crypto Legions Bloodstone Review

In this video, we’ll be taking a closer look at Crypto Legions Bloodstone, its currency, and overall project. However, there are some concerning things going on. While I was on the beach looking at different projects, I came across some alarming information about Crypto Legions Bloodstone.

Shady Practices

I saw a warning by Core Market Cap Smart Contract stating that the following asset can be modified by the content creator, including disabling selling, charging fees, minting tokens, and entrance for tokens. They are also blacklisting wallets and people that have some entities. As I dug deeper, I found other comments on the Coin Market Chat about how the contract is not safe, and the team can dump tokens at any time.

Lack of Disclosure

What’s even more concerning is that most of the YouTubers making videos about this project are sponsored content creators. They don’t disclose where they got their tokens from or any affiliation with the team. It’s not a good sign when the only people promoting a project are those who are paid to do so.

Team and Token Holders

Looking at the chart, the project seemed to have gotten a breakout, but it’s likely going to collapse very soon. There are no significant wells, and the team has a hold on everyone hostage with the tokens. The team is holding 65%, which is not a good sign.

Be Careful

Please be very careful with Crypto Legions Bloodstone and don’t just trust teams for random platform games with worse graphics than other failed projects. Even the promotion from my sponsor bit get is still here, and you can claim $4000 worth of bonuses by checking the link in the description below. So, be diligent and consider all aspects before investing your hard-earned money. See you next time! Bye.

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