Is Cardano About to Explode? Urgent ADA Ecosystem Update

CardStarter, Cardano’s first insured accelerator launchpad, has partnered with social media project SoMee, paving the way for both projects to share resources and marketing. SoMee will integrate CardStarter into its IDO and ICO section of its website and CardStarter will provide its expertise to SoMee’s Cardano-related projects. CardStarter has also partnered with Genesis Shards to wrap pre-IDO tokens into NFTs for liquidity and revised its tiers to add a wildcard tier, allowing anyone to participate in IDOs. Its next IDO project will be Gero Wallet, the first Cardano multi-chain wallet to launch with built-in interchange swaps.

CardStarter and the Future of Cardano Adoption

Launchpads are dominating the crypto scene this year, particularly those involved in initial DEX offerings (IDO). These platforms help projects transition to new blockchain technologies and enable them to gather investors for fundraising. From Polkastarter to Ferrum Network and YFDAI, IDOs has led the way in 2021, offering massive gains to investors who participated in the sales. Today, we will focus on CardStarter, the first insured accelerator launchpad for Cardano, and the exciting project it has partnered with for mutual benefit.

The Key to Future Growth

For Cardano, these launchpads are the key to future growth. CardStarter, with its CARDS token, is the first of its kind, offering protection to its investors and sales, which is not common in launchpads. With the CAP project, an incubator for the most promising early innovative projects, CARDS is on the right track to build Cardano’s ecosystem of applications, ensuring the first few dApps get the attention they deserve from the enthusiastic community supporting Cardano.

Partnerships with Top VC firms

CARDS has several highly reputable VC firms, such as X21 Digital, Moonwhale, Coin98 Ventures, and Longtail Financial, on its IDO seed process. This not only underscores CARDS’s credibility but also allows new projects to draw on the experience and expertise of established industry players.

CARDS and SoMee Partnership

CARDS made a terrible splash by partnering with social media project SoMee. This partnership comes as a mutually beneficial relationship, which will see both projects aiding each other with shared resources and marketing. SoMee is one of the largest and most well-connected marketing teams, with connections in every industry, celebrity, and influencer circles worldwide. SoMee is also set to integrate CardStarter into its IDO and ICO section of its website, allowing CARDS to advertise their vetted top tier IDOs within the app. SoMee is the second project to launch through CARDS, with potentially the biggest project coming out later this year.

The Future of Cardano Ecosystem

CardStarter’s CAP program links early-stage innovative projects to everything they need–social media strategies, branding support, community development, graphical and Web3 development, token engineering, token modeling, and security audits. Charli3, Cardano’s much-awaited decentralized oracle, was the first project that CARDS launched. Charli3 will be instrumental in helping developers connect accurate data across the Cardano ecosystem and will be utilized by Coin98’s wallet. We are going to see the Cardano ecosystem explode soon as the Alonzo hard fork smart contracts get closer and closer.

CARDS Token Liquidity

CARDS will help projects build liquidity via a coming CardSwap, which will give them liquidity. This comes as a result of the Alonzo smart contract hard fork, which will see everything shift to the Cardano blockchain. However, demonstrating its strong partnership networks, CardStarter obtained early on a partnership with Plethori, the first of its kind cross-chain exchange traded fund trading platform. This will be used to build a portfolio of projects from the CardStarter Accelerator Program (CAP) and help projects lock up CARDS and establish an ETF basket under CARDS.


CardStarter is leading the way in the Cardano ecosystem, making sure that projects receive support during the app development stage and transition to the blockchain. While SoMee’s platform has novel means of facilitating free speech while maintaining content restrictions, CardStarter offers IDO protection and accelerator tools for efficient fundraising. CardStarter has a public team, run by Benjamin Cowen, Aatash Amir, Brandon Kazakoff, and Dr. Ashwin Somasundaram, with an all-star advisory board consisting of top industry players. We can expect CARDS to play a significant role in Cardano’s ecosystem and be at the forefront of innovation within the space.

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