Is Binance’s BUSD in Danger? Shocking News from SEC and Crypto World

Binance’s stablecoin, BUSD, recently depegged slightly, causing concerns among users. The head of Binance, CZ, addressed these concerns on Twitter, stating that BUSD is issued and redeemed by Paxos and funds are safe. However, there is a conflict between Paxos and the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS), which directed Paxos to cease minting new BUSD. If BUSD is ruled as a security by the courts, it will have significant impacts on the crypto industry, and Binance may have to make adjustments to its products. Regulatory complaints have also been filed against Binance, adding to the troubles.

Regulatory Troubles for Binance and BUSD: What You Need to Know


Binance, one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, has been seen as a super safe and trusted platform. However, there have been recent regulatory troubles with Binance that have left many wondering whether they should still trust the platform. In this article, we will cover the recent news about BUSD, Binance’s stablecoin, and its de-pegging. We will also discuss the New York Department of Financial Services’ (NYDFS) recent directive to Paxos, a regulated company that issues and redeems BUSD. Finally, we will look at the implications of BUSD being labeled an unregistered security and the potential impacts on the crypto industry.

BUSD’s Depreciation

Recently, BUSD has been de-pegging slightly, which can be concerning for users. While BUSD is currently at 99.96, very close to its one-dollar pegging, users worry whenever a stablecoin goes away from its numeration. This depreciation may be due to the NYDFS’ directive to Paxos to cease minting new BUSD. Paxos, regulated by NYDFS, issues and redeems BUSD, while the stablecoin is wholly owned and managed by Paxos. Despite this, Paxos has assured Binance that funds are safe and fully covered by reserves in their banks, which have been audited multiple times by various audit firms.

Implications of BUSD Being Labeled an Unregistered Security

The Supreme Court has established four criteria to determine whether an investment contract exists, which is an investment of money in a common enterprise with the expectation of profit to be derived from the efforts of others. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has labeled BUSD as an unregistered security, along with many other cryptocurrencies, which could have profound impacts on how the crypto industry will develop or not develop in the jurisdictions where it’s ruled as such. If BUSD is ruled as a security by the courts, it might lead users to migrate to other stable coins over time, and Binance may need to make product adjustments accordingly.

Other Recent Developments

Finally, there has been a recent regulatory complaint against Binance by Justin Circle USDC labeling Binance as mismanaging reserves in 2022, which could add to regulatory uncertainty for the exchange. Although Binance has been a good player throughout its existence, recent regulatory troubles are concerning.


In conclusion, the recent regulatory troubles of Binance and BUSD have left many with questions about the future of the platform and the stability of BUSD. However, Paxos, the regulated company that issues and redeems BUSD, has assured Binance that funds are safe and fully covered by reserves. BUSD being labeled as an unregistered security could have a profound impact on the crypto industry’s development and might lead users to migrate to other stablecoins. While further developments in the situation are uncertain, it is always essential to use cold storage and avoid taking risks with money you can’t afford to lose.


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