Is Ben Coin headed for the Moon? Uncover the INSANE Crypto Uniswap Controversy here. πŸš€

BitBoy Crypto’s Ben Armstrong discusses the recent issues surrounding BEN coin, including a copyright issue with the logo and takedown notices from Uniswap. Armstrong explains the steps taken to resolve these issues, such as changing the logo on Trust Wallet, and announces a top 15 exchange listing for BEN coin on Friday. He also shares plans for using the liquidity pool profits towards crypto adoption, education, regulation, news, and public awareness campaigns. Armstrong emphasizes that the recent dip in price is healthy for the market and encourages his followers to aim for a top 20 spot on CoinMarketCap.

The BEN Coin Situation

Hey, guys! Welcome to BitBoy Crypto! My name is Ben. This is the pool that crypto built. I think my children are currently drowning. Are you all drowning? They died. It’s very sad. So, anyways, guys, look, I want to talk about what happened today with BEN coin. And it was– look.

The Issue with the Logo

You guys are going to find, like, I ain’t never done a coin before. I don’t know a lot about the different situations that can come up. One issue was that when ben.eth, you know, obviously, the founder of PSYOP as well, when ben.eth set this coin up,

He wanted to make it a dog coin because, to him, it was a memecoin. To me, it was never going to be a memecoin once I got involved. But– so he wanted to associate with a dog. Well, I did not want associate BEN coin with a dog,

Even though I do have five dogs myself. Zoe, what’s your favorite dog? I don’t have one. You don’t have a favorite dog? – Blake, what’s your favorite dog? – What? What’s your favorite dog? Otis – Otis? Otis “Ode” Wilbur? – Yeah. – What kind of dog is he? – A bulldog?

That’s right. He’s a bulldog. Blake, are you a big fan of BEN coin? I don’t know. Yes? No. – No? – I don’t even know about it. He doesn’t even know about it. You guys see it’s a big topic of discussion here at the Armstrong household.

But the fact is I’m learning a lot of these processes. And so they wanted to associate with a dog coin because they wanted to be a memecoin. And the issue was is that they used a copyrighted image from some show. I didn’t know what show it is.

It’s like a dog and a cat. I think the cat’s name is Tom. They made a Tom coin out of that cat. Yada, yada, yada. Well, they got a takedown notice. ben.eth got a takedown notice about the copyright. And that’s when I decided we need a new logo.

So I put on the contest. We have a new logo. Maybe my graphics guy can pop it up here. Boop! There it is. There’s the new logo for BEN coin. Well, what happened today is we had a series of cascading events.

Impact on Uniswap

Now, you guys know, we’ve been– The BEN Coin Foundation had been in charge of BEN coin now for two days. Okay? And I want you guys to know this is not going to be the BEN coin channel. Today, I thought it was important for me to talk about this because there were some issues.

And I want to explain them. And they’re very simple to understand. There’s nothing to do with the coin. It’s just simply having to do with a copyright. So what happens is people start spreading this stuff around today on Twitter That something happened to the liquidity pool,

Uniswap, you can’t trade it, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, I started investigating it. It said it was unsupported asset. Well, we started going through the code on the Uniswap site and found out that they had updated, that because of the BEN coin logo,

I guess Uniswap received a takedown notice that we had to change the logo.

Updating the Logo

Well, let me ask you this. If you want to change a logo in crypto, where do you do it? You guys have any idea? I thought it’d be Etherscan. So we got it changed on Etherscan. That didn’t help.

I thought it’d be maybe CoinMarketCap. Reached out to them, reached out to CoinGecko.

See, all of these– because of the way that data is pulled and the API is pulled from all these websites, there’s one main source. And when you change it on this one main source, it will change it everywhere. Well, for you guys, here’s a little bit of advice, today, we found out it’s actually Trust Wallet.

Trust Wallet is the source. You have to go to their GitHub repository and change the logo there and then let Uniswap know. Uniswap has already told us that as soon as Trust Wallet updates the logo, which may be done by the time this video is out, that they’re going to go ahead and update Uniswap and make it a supported asset again.

Big Announcements for BEN Coin

So you still can change it, trade it on other exchanges, 1inch, plenty of other ones. It’s on Poloniex. It’s on MEXC. Centralized exchanges. And here’s the big announcement. We do have a big announcement. It should be– I’m not going to say guaranteed until it is actually guaranteed,

Till it actually happens, but, tentatively, we have a top 15 exchange listing on Friday coming for BEN coin. Very exciting. The next one after that is a really, really big one we’re working on. We got several others.

Guys, we decided not to mess with the smaller exchanges. Kind of the point of BEN coin is we want the liquidity. So you guys trade the liquidity, we’re going to take the money and the profits from the liquidity pool, put that into the four pillars of BEN coin, crypto adoption that we’re looking at,

Education, crypto regulation, crypto news and also public awareness campaign. So we’re going to be doing all that with the funds from this project. So we’ve got some big announcements coming. Tomorrow night on our video, we are going to be debuting our roadmap for BEN coin.

So definitely stay tuned for that. And then probably, the weekend, we’re going to get back to some regular content and stuff like that. Obviously, it’s a big week as we take and transition the BEN Coin Foundation now in control of BEN coin.

BEN Coin Progress

Guys, we’ve been hitting all-time high after all-time high. Uniswap thing may have slowed us down a little bit, but that’s good. It needed to take a breather. Price needs to take a breather sometimes. So that way, people can re-enter and get positions.

If not, then just everybody’s going to hold and nobody’s going to buy. So we need to get some positions along the way. Of course, I can’t give you financial advice. I can’t really talk about the price other than to say we hit some all-time highs.

All I can tell you is we are aiming for the top 20 on CoinMarketCap with this coin. We peaked out today I think at around 270 on CoinMarketCap. So we’re making progress. We’re already in the top 300. And, hey, BEN Nation, let’s get it. That’s all I got. Be blessed.

BitBoy out.

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