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Ledger announced a new cryptocurrency wallet design called Ledger Stacks at a conference in Paris. They collaborated with the designer of the Apple iPod, Tony Fidel, to create a next-generation hardware wallet that can handle more complex actions. The goal is to make cryptocurrency adoption easier for everyday people. Ledger Stacks is a personalized wallet with a curved e-ink touch screen, customizable lock screen, and a magnetic stacking feature. It has a large display, Bluetooth functionality, and supports over 500 cryptocurrencies. Pre-orders are available, and shipping is expected to begin in Q1 2023.

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A new and exciting cryptocurrency wallet design

A new and exciting cryptocurrency wallet design was just announced by Ledger on December 6th, 2022, at The Ledger open conference in Paris. So let’s check it out!

Cold Storage Hardware wallet Ledger Stacks

Two years ago, Ledger approached the legendary designer of the Apple iPod, Tony Fidel, to help them revolutionize cryptocurrency hardware wallets with Next Generation Hardware. The goal was to handle more frequent and complex actions that can be used in our everyday lives by everyday people. This is a key aspect of mass cryptocurrency adoption that we’ve discussed together on the channel. When everyday people, who aren’t necessarily tech-savvy or interested in investing in new speculative technology, start choosing to use crypto and blockchain technology because it makes some aspect of their lives easier or more enjoyable. And this new device could be that iPod moment for crypto wallets. So be sure to scroll down to the description area below to access the correct and official site or use the QR code featured on the screen if you are interested in pre-ordering the new Ledger Stacks wallet. Let’s check it out!

Ledger Stacks – The Most Advanced and Personalized Hardware Wallet

Ledger Stacks is Ledger’s most advanced and personalized hardware wallet yet. It features a curved e-ink touch screen, similar to that of a Kindle display, where we can customize the lock screen with a favorite picture or our favorite NFT. This allows us to easily differentiate our Ledger Stacks from others, even if it’s just lying on a table. The curved spine on the side is also customizable, allowing us to give each wallet a unique name. Additionally, these wallets are designed to magnetically stack together and make a nice crisp clicking sound that Ledger calls the sound of security.

Ledger Stacks was created to be the size of a credit card and is no thicker than a stack of about five credit cards. The entire face of the wallet is a touch screen, making it Ledger’s largest display of any past device at 3.7 inches with 400 by 672 pixel resolution. This makes navigating and signing transactions seamless. Like the Nano X, Stacks is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, allowing us to connect to our Ledger Live mobile app at any time, anywhere. We can also charge its built-in battery wirelessly, which, at full charge, can stay on for several months when left unused. It’s compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, and supports over 500 different cryptocurrencies through the Ledger Live app, including Ethereum and Polygon NFTs, as well as over 5,000 crypto tokens and NFTs with third-party wallets. The Ledger Stacks is available for pre-order using the link to the correct and official site listed below, and Ledger expects to start shipping the wallets in Quarter 1 of 2023, around March. Awesome!

Final Thoughts

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