Insane Revelation: Shocking Volt Inu Secret Unveiled! 🤯

The No BS Voltino News video predicts that there will be a dump to a certain area, but mentions that there is also something bullish happening for Voltino right now, including increased interest in voting after every previous crypto crash. The video is not financial advice, but provides a link for those interested in buying Voltino.

No BS Voltino News: Understanding the Chart

The world of cryptocurrency is one that is highly unpredictable, with rapid price increases and sudden slumps all too frequent in the market. Keeping up with the latest news, developments and market trends can be difficult for even the most seasoned investors, which is why Voltino News is here to provide clarity and insight. In this video, we take a closer look at the Voltino chart to make sense of recent events.

Starting with the Chart

As the video opens, the presenter highlights the current state of events for Voltino investors. They emphasize that everything is happening exactly as they predicted, with a sharp slump in prices. The presenter indicates that they had given four potential probabilities for these events, with a dump to the predicted area being the most likely outcome.

Breakout Zones

The chart shows that, regardless of crypto pricing, there is something bullish for Voltino. The presenter refers to a different test, one where Voltino will hover around certain breakout zones, before the next pump. They explain that these zones are where the two breakout areas intersect and that there is strong potential for investor growth in these areas.

Increased Interest in Voting

The presenter then highlights what they see as a very bullish sign for Voltino – the fact that increased interest in cryptos often leads to a dump, followed by increased interest in voting. They highlight the pattern of pump, crypto crash/increased interest in voting as evidence in support of their view. Pump, crypto crash, increased interest in voting, price pump, crypto crash again, and then finally, another price pump.


The video is not financial advice, but it does provide viewers with a glimpse into the world of Voltino investing. The presenter concludes by reminding viewers that if they wish to buy Voltino, they can find a link in the description of the video. Voltino News is committed to providing up-to-date information, insights, and honest views on the cryptocurrency market.

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