Important Alert: Take Immediate Action and Divest from Meme Coins – Pepe Holders, Read on!

The cryptocurrency market is experiencing a significant downturn as both Bitcoin and Ethereum face major issues, rendering about 90 to 95 percent of the market unusable. This has led to a decline in the prices of not only Bitcoin and Ethereum but also other altcoins. The market is also seeing the rise of meme coins and a new type of token called BRC20. However, there are concerns about the viability of meme coins and the overall state of the cryptocurrency market. Additionally, a well-known investor has exited the market, further signaling potential problems. The Bitcoin network has become broken and unusable, leading to delays and the halt of withdrawals on major exchanges. The high fees and increased transaction volume are contributing to the network’s dysfunction. The emergence of BRC20 tokens, similar to ERC20 tokens on Ethereum, is adding to the complexity of the market. The overall industry has a market cap of around $1 billion.

The Crypto Market Situation: Bitcoin and Ethereum are Broken

So it seems we have a little bit of a situation here in crypto. We have the Bitcoin Market completely broken and we have Ethereum completely broken, which means that about 90 to 95 percent of the crypto market right now is not usable, not working. And so, what’s happening is we’re getting Bitcoin going down, we’re getting Ethereum going down, and dragging down all the altcoins with it. That’s what we’re going to be talking about today- this massive collapse, not actually of the prices, but actually of both of the biggest networks in crypto being unusable because too many people are trading coins, meme coins, and now this new token called a brc20. We’re going to learn about what these brc20 tokens are actually all about.

The Collapse of Meme Coins and Why You Should Get Out

I’m also going to show you why I think that the meme coin market has topped and that if you’re in meme coins, you should probably get the hell out and get the hell out today, don’t delay. We’re going to talk about that and then I’m going to show you that I’m not the only one who thinks that. One of the best investors in the world, an investor that calls the top up perfectly almost every single time has exited the market. I want to show you who this investor is and why this investor is exiting the market and then you can make a decision as to whether you want to do the same. So huge show, big big big show here on a Monday.

Trading Meme Coins for Easy Money

Let’s do this! Get the out of bed, go get up. Gotta wake up, get up, up up! Good morning! All right, wakey wakey, rise and shine DJs, rise and shine DJ! We’ve got so much to talk about today. It might be time to sell all those meme coins. It might be time to sell all those meme coins. Regardless of whether or not it is time to sell those meme coins, trading meme coins is probably the easiest way to make money. I couldn’t believe how easy it was for me to make money this weekend. It was literally like taking candy from a baby. I wanted to show you, I mean I just I posted some of my trades. Eventually, I got a little bit tired of posting my trades because it was just so easy to make money on meme coins. I’m going to show you why it’s so easy to make money on meme coins. Maybe you can use some of my methodology. But I’ll tell you that I had the biggest trading weekend that I’ve had ever, I think. I’ll just show you some of my trades.

The Broken Bitcoin Network: Unusable and Unstable

So, short Pepe at 30.518, you saw that trade on Friday, exited that one at 26,974, bought back in at 20.6974, sold it again at 30. Exited at 30. In fact, I opened one small position now for the Bible trading competition. If you look at the prices, something happened earlier on today which actually took the market down from where we were from 29,800 around here all the way down to 27,607. I’m going to analyze exactly what happened and why the market is really getting scared. The Big Daddy of all networks is broken. Bitcoin is absolutely unusable at the moment. I don’t know if you’ve tried to use Bitcoin in the last couple of days, but it’s unusable. In fact, to the point where the biggest exchange in the world has had to stop withdrawals and stop withdrawing Bitcoin. This is actually what crashed the market. It’s when Binance published this thing, “We’ve temporarily closed Bitcoin withdrawals due to large volumes of pending transactions.”

Binance and the Broken Bitcoin Network

People like Adam Cochran have said before that he is the most hysterical guy, but when I say “hysterical,” I mean funny hysterical. He’s just funny. How come Binance is now paused within 24 hours? And of course, we had John Reed Stock. This guy is the X SEC office of Internet enforcement. He’s a big Binance fighter. Binance is apparently halting withdrawals, citing network conjunctions. Now, he tried his hardest to fight, but the reality is CeCe came out and said, “Look, the reason why we are stopping withdrawals is because the network fees are fluctuating and the network fees have gone up 18 times in the last month.” We’re going to talk about what the future of this network is if the fees have gone up 18x in the last month.

BRC20 Tokens: A New Asset Class

Let’s talk about the new asset class. It is a new batch of tokens which is built on Bitcoin. Like on Ethereum, we have the tokens that are issued by projects on Ethereum called erc20 tokens. Well, now you have the same coins being minted on Bitcoin and they call themselves brc20. So instead of erc20, it’s called brc20 tokens. Right now, there are 14,079 brc20 tokens, but the market cap is about a billion dollars.

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