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Virtua is an undervalued gamified metaverse that allows users to create communities, trade, play, and engage with its unique elements that are built on NFT technology. Virtua provides entertainment and engaging solutions for retention, offering multiple reasons to own NFTs. Virtua Prime is the hyper-realistic immersive 3D world that acts as the hub of activity and the ultimate metaverse destination, offering lands, towers, spaces, theme zones, games, and brands. Virtua’s Monster Zone land sale, now available through Ethereum, offers land plots with different attributes and rarity indicators to determine its rarity and relevance. Land plot ownership offers benefits both on the plot and the wider Monster Zone itself.

The Next Big Metaverse: Virtua

Early investors into crypto metaverses like The Sandbox and Decentraland are now sitting on massive profits. In today’s video, we will be sharing the next big metaverse that very few have discovered yet. Please understand that this is not financial advice, and we endorse the Virtua team who has sponsored this video. They have helped build NFTs for some of the biggest name brands, including Shelby Top Gun, The Godfather, and many others.

What is Virtua?

Virtua is a gamified metaverse that brings together social experiences, games, and entertainment, allowing users to express themselves through an engaging new world. It’s like an MMORPG such as Roblox, Fortnite, or Minecraft, only with social gaming and brand experiences built into a web 3 world. Land is owned by the users.

What problem is Virtua solving?

NFTs need real use cases, and Virtua is all about engaging experiences driven by NFT technology. This creates multiple compelling reasons to own these NFTs, and Virtua provides an entertaining and engaging solution for retention.

Community is one of the biggest things to look for before making any investment, and Virtua believes the metaverse is going to be the new social, allowing users to create communities in the metaverse. Virtua is all about the user experience, and they want their audience to build, trade, play, and engage with the unique elements of Virtual Prime. Utility is the absolute key, and they want to unlock new experiences, tell your brand story, ignite engagement, build new audiences, have longevity, increase the understanding of people’s behavior, and tell tomorrow’s story. They believe that customer always comes first.

Virtua’s metaverse is called Virtua Prime, a hyper-realistic, immersive 3D world. The land in Virtual Prime has special resources that can be controlled by its faithful community of land Bots, creating new exciting journeys and experiences for its citizens. There are also Islands split into Zones. The first Island called Cardano Island has already emerged, and the next zones are emerging in Virtual Island.

The first area for sale is called Monster Zone, and it will have plots of land, experience zones, and will be situated just outside the bone-chilling Monster Park. By owning a land plot or a condo in this Edge Zone that borders the monster zone, it is a prestigious status indicator. There is a fixed number of plots in each island and zone.

Prices for the monster zone land start at small plots of land being approximately $400, medium at $750, large at $1250, and Giga plots at $50,000. There are only 2 Giga plots, which is why they are so expensive. There will be only 860 large plots of land, 1950 medium, and 2,690 small. There will also be 1,000 condos worth approximately $100 each.

Land plot ownership brings benefits both with respect to the plot and with respect to the wider monster zone. From a crib to resources, to land block slots, to relics, NPC slots, and more, it is definitely worth investing in this metaverse.

The team members of this incredible project include CEO Gerard Aucher, Chairman and co-founder Gary Bracey, and Commercial Director Rory Stewart Richardson.


Virtua is revolutionizing the metaverse concept with brand experiences and social games built into a web 3 world. This gamified metaverse solves the problem of NFTs needing real use cases, and they provide entertaining and engaging solutions for retention. Virtual Prime is a hyper-realistic, immersive 3D world. The first area for sale is called Monster Zone, and the white list registration is still ongoing. Make sure to explore this incredible metaverse and become an early investor.


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