Grab Attention with Exciting Announcement: BitBoy Crypto Launches Cardano Staking Pool – The Ultimate FUD-Proof Solution!

Cardano’s progress towards its public smart contract mainnet has attracted the attention of investors despite a 16% fall in value over the past week. Motley Fool recently named ADA as the top eco-friendly crypto as it became clear that Cardano’s network uses the same amount of energy as 600 US homes. Cardano’s Alonzo testnet has moved from the Alonzo Blue to Alonzo White stage as it progresses towards the final part of its upgrade in September 2021. This comes as institutional investment in Cardano surged over $24m this year and staking volumes continue to rise ahead of the hardfork.

Cardano Making Progress Towards Public Smart Contract Mainnet

Cardano has been making significant developments towards its public smart contract mainnet, which has caught the attention of the whales and investors. Despite the recent market volatility causing a 16% fall for ADA in the past week, Cardano is still up 551% for the year. However, the Digital Currency Group (DCG) has been spreading FUD to drive down the price of ADA.

Motley Fool Recognition for Cardano

Motley Fool’s recent recognition of Cardano as the top eco-friendly crypto, followed by XRP, Tezos, and Nano has brought positive attention to Cardano’s energy usage. ADA uses the same amount of energy that 600 American homes use, making it a reasonable trade-off for a revolutionary technology to improve the lives of billions.

All New Cardano Developer Portal and Alonzo Testnet Upgrade

Cardano’s all-new developer portal has received a lot of appreciation, and the CDP hosts many new projects. One of the most exceptional projects is, a real-time global tracker for the Cardano network and staking pools. Additionally, Cardano’s Alonzo testnet has matured, moving from the Alonzo Blue to Alonzo White, which offers smart contracts to a limited set of technical insiders. The Alonzo White will run for two to four weeks before moving to its next stage, and the final part of the Alonzo upgrade will go live in September of 2021.

New Article has published an article that promotes ADA as a long-term investment while highlighting Cardano’s bullish fundamentals and giving predictions on ADA’s price over the next few years. With institutional investment in Cardano surging over $24 million this year alone, whales and investors have been buying ADA as fast as they can.

The BitPool Staking Pool

Staking volumes have increased tremendously as the Cardano hardfork draws near. To maximize your ADA bag, it is advisable to stake in the official BitBoy Crypto ADA staking pool, known as the BitPool. Returns on the BitPool range from 4-6% depending on network usage, pool saturation, and other factors. The pool can be accessed through the Daedalus and Yoroi wallets, and a step-by-step guide is available in the description, along with the staking address.

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