Get the Inside Scoop: XRP Surges by 31% – Find Out Why!

XRP’s price has risen by 22% and is currently trading at around $0.45. There are several reasons for this increase, including the expectation that the lawsuit against Ripple will end soon, Russia’s banking restrictions, a popular airdrop in the XRP community, and general market manipulation by whales. Despite negativity in the comments of a video posted 20 hours ago, the XRP price has surged, breaking through important psychological and technical barriers. The author predicts that if the price maintains its current level for a while, there will be more gains to come.

The XRP price is pumping like crazy

The XRP price is up by 22% and is currently at 45 cents. This sudden increase has caused some excitement in the cryptocurrency world.

Video Recap

The YouTuber, Dusty from the future, posted a video discussing why the XRP price is surging. He believes that manipulation, based on the charts or the lawsuit ending this week, may be the cause.


Dusty from the future has been accurate with his predictions, especially regarding XDC. He predicts that XRP will continue to increase and cross the 50 cents psychological barrier. This will be a major milestone for XRP as it hasn’t crossed this level in months.

Manipulation or Macro Factors?

Dusty believes that XRP’s recent surge is due to manipulation by whales who have kept the price suppressed for too long. However, he also considers that the macro-economic factors may be playing a role in the recent surge, making it quite bullish for Ripple and XRP.

Trade XRP on Buybit

Dusty also mentions that he is trading XRP on Buybit and encourages others to do the same. He requests his viewers to hit the like button and support his channel.


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