“Get Rich Quick: Low Cap Gems Explode in Bull Run Madness!”

The content is a live stream where the speaker discusses various topics related to microcap gems and Bitcoin. The speaker begins by thanking the audience for joining the live stream after a power cut. They discuss the current situation with Bitcoin and suggest that despite being down 65% from its all-time high, it is not necessarily a bear market, and some people believe it may reach 25k, 28k or even 30k. The speaker then talks about low-cap gems on their list, including Revolve Gaming, which has seen phenomenal growth. They also mention their Patreon membership, which provides access to consideration lists and secret micro-cap tiny gems. The speaker concludes by discussing their lack of time for playing games given their focus on researching the best projects to invest in.


Hello everyone and welcome back to another live stream on my channel! It’s great to be back with another live stream, and there’s a lot to cover today.

Power Outage

Unfortunately, there was a power cut during my last live stream, and I want to thank everyone in the chat who confirmed it for me. It’s great to have such a supportive community.

Market Update

There’s a lot happening in the market right now, particularly with Bitcoin and microcap gems. Bitcoin is still down from its all-time high, but things are looking up.

Bitcoin Analysis

Some experts are predicting that Bitcoin could reach 25k, 28k, or even 30k. This is great news for altcoins, which are likely to follow Bitcoin’s rise.

Low-Cap Gems

As always, I want to highlight some of the low-cap gems that are worth considering for your portfolio. One project that has caught my eye is Revolve Gaming. It’s early days, but the growth potential looks promising.

Are We in a Bear Market?

Despite the recent gains, some people are still questioning whether we’re in a bear market. However, with some projects generating 200% gains in a day, it’s hard to argue that we’re still in a bear market. I personally believe that the bottom is in and we’re heading toward a bull run.

Focus and Work Mode

I want to emphasize the importance of focus and work mode during this time. While leisure activities like gaming are important, this is also the time to be doing research and finding the best projects to invest in. When the bull run is over and we’ve made our gains, there will be plenty of time for leisure activities.


Thanks for tuning in to this live stream, and I hope you found it informative. Remember to do your own research and invest wisely.


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