Get Ready to Make Millions with Fetch.AI: The Cryptocurrency AI Bull Run is Here! is a blockchain-based platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to create an autonomous ecosystem for peer-to-peer communication and economic settlements. The platform is interoperable, meaning it can work with or without direct access to blockchain technology, and is modular, allowing it to be used quickly and with reusable code.’s ecosystem includes various partnered applications like blockchain-mediated collective learning system Prolune, incentivized micro-mobility app Mobix, and decentralized exchange Starfleet. The fetch token can be used as payment for gas fees and as a cryptocurrency itself. With a low maximum supply, has the potential to rise significantly. The CEO and team have experience in both cryptocurrencies and machine learning.


Welcome back to the Crypto Gem Hunters Channel. My name is Stuart and I am excited to partner up with this channel to bring you an exciting project that I featured on my channel a couple of months ago.

About Fetch.AI

Fetch.AI is an autonomous agent framework that makes use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). It is a modular autonomous ecosystem that provides reusable code for person-to-person interaction. It is interoperable and can be used with or without direct access to the blockchain. The technology energy that has been implemented makes use of apis that are Cosmos based or can be used on any ethereum based Network.

Fetch Token

The Fetch (fet) token is used to pay for gas fees in exchange and can also be used as a currency. It is used to pay for things directly using fet, including NFTs.

Fetch.AI Ecosystem Partners

  • Prolune: blockchain-mediated collective learning system that enables multiple stakeholders to build a shared machine learning model.
  • Axim: enables stablecoin holders to supply liquidity and receive yearly Yield composed of protocol generated returns and rewards.
  • Mobix: incentivizes micro-mobility ecosystem, promoting green transport in cities
  • Cantina X: part of the automotive Network, streamlining manufacturing to make it more efficient
  • Starfleet: decentralized exchange (DEX)

Roadmap and Team

The team behind Fetch.AI is made up of seasoned crypto professionals, with the CEO being involved in many other projects in the crypto space. They continue to update and improve Fetch.AI, developing new features and expanding the ecosystem.


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