“Get Ready for the Launch of the Metastars Token, NFT, and Utilitee – The Supernova Program”

In this video, Pablo introduces Meta Stars, a project that offers different games/events in which users can participate and win sizable prizes in the form of NFTs and their own tokens. These games include Wave, Heat, Charity, Dressing Room, and Training Room, each with its own unique way to earn rewards. Participants can earn using their Stardust NFTs, which are part of the 10,000 Stardust NFTs available in the platform. The project’s token is called Star Token and costs 0.001 Ethereum, while the NFT’s public sale starts at 0.25 E3 mm. The game also offers the option to stake NFTs and earn up to 0.1 Star Token daily.

The Introduction of Meta Stars

Hey guys Pablo here in this video I’m going to share a very exciting and a very captivating project to you that is called meta stars in which we have different games which is sort of like events that we can take part in and we can win huge prizes when we take part in. Those games we have nfts and we also have their own token so we’re going to talk about details on what you can do with the token and the end of days there’s a lot of features that are involved in this one so we’re going to talk about all the details in this video.

The official website

Uh do not anything I say is not going to be an investment or a financial advice so always do your own investigation research and with this out of the way let’s move straight to the project now here we are in the minor Stars uh official website this is where we’re going to learn about this entire project which is if you read through the whole thing and afterwards when we complete the video you’ll realize how amazing this is uh if you talk about all the features all all the places where you can earn uh I think in the another video you’ll just make up your own mind so we’re going to start off talking about the introduction on what meta stars is you can can see we can see some previews over here of the nfts because in this one as we talked in the intro not only that we have a token but we also have nfts which both are equally important in this one and we’re going to talk about how and how you can utilize them.

Tokens and NFTs

The main uh you know incentive that we have in crypto for almost anything is to be Able to earn in order to do that we need to have a sustainable project so in metasaurs you have a token and you also have nfts the name of the nft is Stardust and you can see the price of it on the public sale is 0.25 E3 mm and the Price of the star token is 0.001 ethereum and we’re going to talk about where this you know token will be utilized and where the nfts are going to be utilized and how we can earn in this one there’s going to be a lot of games.

Games in meta stars

To give you guys a kind of like a hint or a perspective just think of pure NFL character as a star you know a celebrity and now you’ll be performing tasks like if that character actually is a celebrity so we have different games here and in all these games we have Opportunities to earn big rewards so the first one that we have is the wave so in the wave what you do is when you have the nft you’re going to form fan clubs which you can do that by inviting your friends or family and the more big a fan Club is the more chances of you winning the award and the you know the winning team it says the winning team gets a big reward and the fan gets a surprise and benefits from the platform now in this one in this very game the first one uh All the people that you will be inviting the in order to join they need to spend at least one star token and this is where the token can utilized the next one that we have is the heat so in this one uh now that you have like formed the You have the stars nft and you have formed the whole theme uh now you’re going to do is you’re going to promote that star okay nft you know which is a virtual star they have a system that will monitor uh all the engagement on social media because you’ll be sharing And promoting it on different social media handles like Instagram Facebook Twitter and so forth and they have a scoring engine type of monitor uh how much engagement you’re getting and based on it your team will be able to win huge rewards the next thing that comes is actually really wise and I believe They’re utilizing a very good way to do this is the charity so they’re doing charity as if it is a task an event which makes this even more exciting and amazing so you know the whole thing how celebrity performs fundraisers and charity did race charity for a particular purpose and so forth that’s What you’re going to do in this one what you’re going to do is what they’re going to do actually first is going to create a metamask wallet that will be for charity and we’re going to all the themes out there what data purpose is going to be is they are going to raise Charity into that metamask wallet so it says start as folders work as a team to raise CRT funds to help people in poor hunger or War all funds will be donated the winning team wins the price value match of the fund raise so the funds are raised that’s what the team gets and That’s also get donated so I think this makes this really wise and they’re utilizing this every right way now these are the games that we have here and they’ll be working in a manner that first we’re going to have the wave then the Heat and then the charity and we Also have dressing room and training room so in the training room what you can do is you can teach your visuals start different movements like dance singing and so forth and the best training move wins price which is also a game and we also have the rushing room So in this one you can purchase different kinds of dresses or shoes or different accessories to enter the dress and you create a very unique look of your virtual star and all these things that you will be buying the accessories they are nfts and they can be sold to Other players so this is the whole gameplay that we have here uh and we can see where it’s casualized where the token get utilized and what makes this amazing you have the whole Gallery which gives you a complete Insight on how they look like there’s about 10 000 Stardust Nfts and almost 10 categories so almost every category has about 1000 nfts and you can see all the information on the FAQ the maximum that we can win is to Stardust NXT the public cell is planned to be in the quarter three and we also Have the option to stake our nfts and we can earn 0.1 star token per day by keeping one Stardust and Max when we can do two so you can see we have exciting features here which makes this whole thing interesting and this thing itself the game itself is going to promote the Project more and while you do this you have amazing options to win big rewards in this one which I think makes it more amazing.

Whitepaper and Disclaimer

Now you can come to this website and you can also view the white paper and you’ll see what happens in the future there’s a lot of amazing things kind of becoming in the future as well so I’ll leave it to you guys to come check it out I’ll leave all the links in the description so make sure that you get them from there but this is all of you guys in this video and I’ll see you Guys in the next one shortly so stay tuned disclaimer trading digital assets involve significant risk and can result in the loss of your invested Capital you should ensure the default linear Sanders get involved and take into consideration your level experience investment detectives and seek independent Financial advice if necessary it is up To you whether to invest or not.

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