Get Ready for the Launch of Crypto’s First-Ever Bank in Just 7 Days! Brace Yourself for an Incredible Platform: NFTUloan!

In this cryptocurrency video, the speaker introduces a new crypto bank called NFTU Loan. They discuss the potential of the project in the current bear market and explain how it allows users to borrow funds against their NFTs. The speaker recommends joining the whitelist to secure allocation and highlights the perks of owning U Loan tokens. They mention the involvement of popular figures like Logan Paul and emphasize the growing interest in NFTs. The speaker also mentions the project’s Discord and Twitter following. Overall, they express optimism about the potential of NFTU Loan in the crypto space.

Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video

Welcome back everybody to a brand new cryptocurrency video my name is moonlight thank you all so much for watching today’s video

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Today’s video is going to be talking about the first ever crypto bank coming into the cryptoverse and metaverse

and of course like always i will do my best to Answer each and every one of you now with that being said you guys today’s video is going to be talking about the first ever crypto bank coming into the cryptoverse and metaverse

What exactly is this project? The project itself you guys is called nft you loan

now i did do previously a video on this project and i wanted to do another video to show you Guys how bullish i am of it and why i think it’s gonna do very well because i first sold out two of their actual uh sellouts here and i’m gonna show you guys on their actual website what i’m talking about but i wanted to kind of discuss a little bit more on this Project a little bit and show you guys why you should be taking a look at it um because obviously we’re in a bear market right we’ve we’ve been in a bear market for like what seven eight months already you know crypto’s tanked so hard i think It’s an opportunity of a lifetime in my opinion especially if you are into the field that we’re in such as crypto and obviously i take myself as an investor that’s what i am and you know with that being said you know i’m not giving financial advice just i’m not a Financial expert of any sorts all my videos are for educational purposes only as well as entertainment and my own personal opinion so just keep that in mind especially this one educational videos only youtube you know keep that in mind but anyways without further ado i’m gonna jump right on into the actual Projects here and i’m gonna show you guys and explain a little bit more on it what exactly is this project well the project itself you guys is called nft you loan

Why is this such a massive project?

now i did do a previous video on them which i’m going to link down below in the description but you guys Can see their private sales actually sold out around one and two and now currently their actual mint date is set for june 26th in seven days and eight hours time now why is this such a massive massive project

What are the benefits of participating in the project?

well this is involving nfts you guys and obviously borrowing funds against your nfts and Obviously creating loans and things like that and you guys can see here we’re the bank of the future the bank and the metaverse and the bank of nfts and all digital assets now obviously with that being said you guys if you guys are interested i do recommend you guys Actually get on board the whitelist that way you actually get a guaranteed allocation spot to get onboard the project and get yourself an actual genesis access pass which grants you a lot of additional perks such as getting you getting yourself an nft exclusive marketplace discount at 30 percent Owning 30 000 you loan tokens gets you an early bird price but potential return of 70 times you guys which is pretty massive not to mention you get exclusive access to stake your u loan as well and obviously with that being said you get exclusive access to add liquidity Ethereum for 30 apy now ethereum’s under a thousand dollars for though that for those that don’t know so again i think it’s a pretty awesome opportunity to get into projects like this uh not to mention obviously access to partner projects whitelist and things like that now why should you participate you guys Well i did just mention all that you have daos you have white listing adding liquidity the early bird prize and hot deals as well for the discounts

How can you borrow funds with your NFTs?

but more so you guys because you can see nft you loan fully on chain death by protocol offers you to borrow funds with your Nfts now i don’t know how many of you guys know mike um he’s with like logan paul and you know i’m not too big into that kind of you know side of you know youtube but you know i do see some of the videos and things That he does um i’m not too i don’t know much about him but he did actually borrow against one of his nfts um i think it was like with arcade or something like that for like uh 1.2 million dollars or something like that because he had like a board ape or Whatever and obviously board ape is like one of the biggest nft collections and obviously you can do that but with that being said it just shows you the power of crypto and the power of some of these projects and obviously with the bank like this being one of the first in the actual Crypto space you could borrow from just not even the board app club but your regular nfts and that’s just showing something you guys

Why should you participate in this project?

it’s just showing you the power of crypto and you can see 50 plus blue chip nft collections that you can borrow against and i’m sure more are Going to be coming out in the future and you guys can see here the limited white list supply is 3333 the pre-sale price was 0.2 ethereum public is 0.3 aetherium now obviously that was pre-sale private sale round is sold out first two rounds and again it Just shows you the demand and here is our discord as well you guys as you can see i did i do recommend you watch my previous video as well you guys because i do explain nftu loan and go over everything but i don’t want to obviously Bore you guys with the second round of that just covering the main important aspects of the project but you can see on their discord there’s almost 20 000 members already you guys almost 2 000 online for my time zone it’s growing every single day it’s actually pretty impressive to see Not to mention with everything that they’ve currently been doing uh you know obviously again i would say we’re still very early considering they haven’t launched yet they actually do in seven days again it’s something that could potentially explode especially with the fact obviously you’re getting into loaning you’re getting into nfts and Obviously like i mentioned with mike you know it’s it’s massive right um you know you have the because then you you’re loaning against your assets right kind of like collateral i would say like you’re doing if you were to do against your house mortgage or something like That getting a loan um and you put up your vehicle for collateral or something like that so again it’s something cool to see something i haven’t really seen done before in the crypto space and this is one of the only projects that are actually offering that that i’ve Actually ever seen and on their twitter there’s over 36 000 followers you guys as you have nftu loan plus defy plus loaning plus nfts and look at that defy for nfts as you can see loans for nfts nft marketplace uh again it’s gonna be very interesting to see when their whole Platform comes out and what you can get from your nfts now obviously some you’re not going to be able to get accepted because obviously you got to make sure the project’s trustworthy and things like that and obviously that you know it’s not a rug pull nft project because Obviously if it is then you can’t get anything for your nfts and that just makes the company an ftu loan you know decrease in value because they lose money um but i don’t think that’s going to happen with a…

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