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The video discusses a major update on the cryptocurrency platform,, which offers one of the most advanced yield farms with massive passive income opportunities. The market cap has recently doubled to $10 million in just a few days, and the buy pressure is much greater than the sell pressure, indicating an upward trend. The video includes details about Helena’s “moon play experiment,” which outlines a plan to reach a market cap of $100 million to $1 billion with a focus on collective culture, winning chart, progressive marketing, accurate fund allocation, and progressive development. The video also recommends a preferred trading platform, Primexpt, for its unique features like copy trading.

Helena Financial: A Major Update and Why It’s Worth Investing


Welcome to another edition of crypto news with Double. Today, we have huge updates on, and this is a significant advancement. If you are interested in earning a massive passive income, then Helena is the platform for you.

Helena.Financial: A Brief Introduction

Helena is one of the most advanced yield farms in the market, offering investors a massive passive income. If you missed the previous market updates, the market cap is now $10 million, doubling its price from $4 to $5 million in just a few days. Coinmarketcap shows that Helena is five percent up today. Follow Helena on Twitter and turn on your notification bell to be the first to know about new updates.

How to Purchase Helena Tokens

If you are interested in purchasing Helena tokens, click on the ‘Buy Helena Token’ button. This button will lead you to the ‘Block Finance’ platform, where you will need some BNB (Binance Coin) to trade. Transfer your Binance coin from a centralized exchange to Metamask, connect your wallet, and swap tokens.

Helena’s Updates

Helena is committing to doing a one million dollar-buyback, which is impressive, indicating that the platform has more room for growth. Helena’s development team is committed to taking the project to the moon. Here are some steps to achieve that goal:

1. Collective culture
Collective behavior of the community
2. Winning chart
Look decent
3. Progressive marketing
Sustain the success
4. Accurate fund allocation
Allocate funds wisely
5. Progressive development and content creation
Continuous project improvement.

Helena’s Smart Buyback Program

Helena’s smart buyback program is different from other platforms in that it offers wings, double-layered compounding, multiplying rewards, daily, and weekly competitions. The goal is to take the project to a 100 million or even a billion-dollar market cap.

Conclusion is an excellent investment opportunity. If you missed out on the earlier market updates, you can purchase Helena tokens and join its expanding community. Follow Helena on Twitter, and turn on your notification bell to stay up to date with new updates. I use Primexpt to trade because it offers a variety of unique features, including copy trading. Primexpt allows you to swap your cryptocurrency easily and securely.

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