FORTA Prevented Poly Network’s $600M Hack: Uncovering a Potential Low Cap Gem is a real-time security and operational monitoring platform for big cryptocurrency protocols that can detect threats and abnormalities in D5, NFTs, governance, bridges, and other web3 systems in real-time. The platform comprises of decentralized networks of independent node operators that can scan transactions in daily transactions or block by block transactions. The three different features of their security include bot detection, node operators, and protocols for real-time alerts and cybersecurity financial and governance operational threats for own or dependent protocols. Moreover, it will launch its native token that will support the entire platform and ecosystem, and is intended to gradually decentralize governance.


In this article, we will discuss a real-time security and operational monitoring platform for cryptocurrency protocols and companies. It helps them monitor the operations and their day-to-day financing in the decentralized network world. The website we will be talking about is called

Decentralized network monitoring has 36 billion dollars in the total value lock (TVL) that is monitored by its decentralized network. It detects threats and abnormalities for d5 nfts governance bridges and other web3 systems in real-time. This helps them give timely and relevant alerts about the security and health of own and dependent systems, protocols, and investors.

Automated system

The platform comprises decentralized networks of independent node operators that scan all transactions, even block by block transactions that are hard to detect manually. They have an automated system that detects and efficiently catches threats without the user having to wait or even knowing about it. The node operators send alerts to the subscribers of potential risk, which enables them to take action by themselves.

Security features

There are three different features of their security. The first one is the detection of bot developers who developed code scripts to detect specific conditions or events. Developers can use these tools for any d5 nfts or dowels. The second feature is node operators that help scan transactions and smart contract data to detect threats and send an alert to subscribers. The third feature is for protocols, investors, and integrators that give real-time alerts about cybersecurity, financial and governance, operational threats to their own or dependent protocols.

Forta network explorer

The Forta network explorer shows high, medium, high critical threats, and severity index, something other blockchains do not have. It monitors and protects all the assets on your web3, comprising all the major protocols that are utilizing this network and security system.

Native token

Forta is launching its native token that supports the entire platform and ecosystem and is running on the erc20 chain, which is the Ethereum network. The community governance over the photon network is intended to be moved on-chain.

Decentralized governance

The Forta governance intends to decentralize its governors over the network progressively. This means that community members can become educated and grow into their governor’s responsibilities. All the people that are coming together to make decisions will have knowledge about the product and can make the correct decisions to sustain a long and healthy future of this network.

Real-world-class partners

Forta is backed by real-world-class partners actively part of the Forta community for real-time monitoring in this new web3 security standard with billions of dollars pumping into this web3 that is monitored by Forta itself.

Conclusion is a security ecosystem for people who want to see the community grow and secure the sustainability and the web3 ecosystems as a whole. Follow the platform on Twitter for the most updated news on Forta.

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