“Exciting News: VeChain Set for a Game-Changing Upgrade, Is VET the Top Altcoin Under $1?”

Cryptobusy’s latest video explores updates on the V Chain cryptocurrency. The coin is looking to standardise paperwork in the supply chain and logistics sectors and put itself at the forefront of promoting green values. One update is planned for November 17 and will roll out Proof of Authority 2.0, a hard for hard Fork as well as a VIP 2 20. This will enhance the network’s security, warranty the quality of data and increase sustainability objectives. Cryptobusy expects the coin to trade between 1.5 cents and 2.5 cents and potentially hit up to 15 cents in the medium term.

The Latest Updates to Vechain’s Network

Hey everyone and welcome back to another video from CryptoBusy. My name is Tom and in today’s video, I am going to talk about the chaining the latest updates that’s coming with that.

Important Information Before Jumping into Vechain’s Updates

Before we jump into the video and talk about the price and where it can go next, we have to mention a few important things. This video is pre-recorded, so the price may be a little bit different by the time you watch this video. This week for crypto is absolutely insane: we’ve got the midterms, we’ve got the CPI data coming out, and we’ve got two exchanges at heads with each other. It’s a crazy time for crypto that is for sure. This is a medium to long-term perspective and view on where Vechain is going to be going.

Updates on Vechain’s Network

If you go through and type in Vechain on Google right now, the latest updates are saying that it could explode, it’s going to go really well, and it’s going to hit all-time highs. Let’s bring it back down to reality. Vechain is trading at 2.5 percent of its all-time high last year propelled by Bitcoin, which was around 28 cents. The road to one dollar for Vechain is still alive, that is still beating, but it’s going to take some time. These things do take time; it’s not going to happen today or tomorrow or next week. It’s going to take a few years to get to that sort of level. Plus, network upgrades, partnerships, and mass adoption. So we’re far away from seeing a dollar Vechain, but in my opinion, it is still possible for these things to happen.

Vechain will reach a historical milestone due to the new proof of authority of rate that’s going to be coming on November 17th. It’s one of the largest network upgrades, and it’s coming for Vechain. November 17th is going to be the day that it will be happening, so it’s a hard for hard Fork as well as a VIP 2.0. This will improve chain security and provide greater security and data quality warranties, which is great importance for everything involved when it comes to Vechain. The upgrades of the network are providing sustainability, making it more green, and making it more sustainable, all those key buzzwords that everyone loves to hit.

Price Predictions for Vechain

So, what does the proof of authority 2.0 mean for the price? Where are we headed for the price for Vechain to get to the price? Vechain is solving many issues in the supply chain and logistics sectors, which expands across many different industries and sectors. Getting a product from point A to point B, there’s usually some paperwork in point A that is different from the paperwork in point B. Vechain is aiming to laterize and standardize that paperwork so that the transfer from one place to another is minimal and frictionless.

Currently trading at 2.5 cents, Vechain may hit two cents, potentially even hitting 1.5 cents in the medium term due to the current market turmoil affecting everything, including the crypto markets. Vechain’s floor could be anywhere between 1.5 and 2 cents. The next area is four or four and a half cents of a dollar, which is the area of resistance currently. However, it could turn into support in the medium term. Ultimately, we are looking for the fundamental news to pump into the markets and push the markets and flip it. Right now, we can only expect Vechain to range trade between the mentioned levels in the medium to long term. One dollar is still possible in the long term, but in the medium term, anywhere between 10 cents and 15 cents is possible, potentially even this time next year.

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