Exciting News Alert: Polygon Joins Forces with Google, Latest Ripple Report Revealed, Binance Makes a Comeback in Japan!

Binance is returning to Japan, which is seen as a positive move for crypto adoption. In the US Congress, there are conflicting strategies on addressing the gaps in digital asset regulation. Reports indicate that the banks’ blame on crypto for their problems was misleading. The former CEO of FTX Bahamas, Ryan Salame’s house was recently raided by the FBI, with suspicions of shady practices. Google Cloud and Polygon announced a partnership to make Google Cloud computing faster and cheaper. Meanwhile, in Ripple’s xrp SEC legal battle, the company released a markets report, with Brad Golly House focusing on the positive.

Binance returns to Japan

Binance’s return to Japan is a positive move for crypto adoption. Another exchange just shut down in Japan, so Binance decided to return to continue providing services.

Congress conflicts over crypto market plumbing

Currently, there are two different ideas on how to address the gaps in digital asset regulation in the United States. Congress has yet to come to a proper conclusion, which may affect the crypto market’s growth.

Manipulation of crypto stories

Major banks tend to blame crypto for problems instead of taking accountability for their banking problems, misinforming the public.

FOMC meeting coming up

The FOMC meeting is coming up in four days, and there may be some crazy trading opportunities if you make the right call. The interest rate will be announced at the event.

Coinbase responds to SEC’s Wells notice

The SEC recently went after Coinbase, threatening to sue them if they didn’t clarify some things in the crypto field. Coinbase explained why they were set up in the US and why they were working with the regulations they were given.

Former FTX boss’s house raided by FBI

The former CEO of FTX Bahamas, Ryan Salome, recently had his house raided by the FBI. He donated a large sum of money to Republican candidates and political action committees. He was also known for being a central player in the scandal of FTX.

Google Cloud and Polygon partner up

Google Cloud and Polygon have partnered up to bring new tools to the domain of ZK EVM scaling performance, making it faster and cheaper.

Ripple provides insight into SEC legal battle

Brad Golly House stated that the US may be moving backward, but it’s essential to focus on the positive things. Ripple provides insights into the ongoing legal battle with SEC in their latest market report.

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