Exciting Monthly Giveaways: Dive into the World of Humm NFTs and Crypto!

The USA’s first dedicated NFT and crypto monthly giveaways, called Hum NFTs, are discussed in this content. The giveaways require participants to make purchases from the store, such as T-shirts or hats, with every $15 spent earning one entry. The current giveaway is for a Central Land parcel, valued over $2,000. Entries for this giveaway are open from March 1st to April 15th. There is also an option to choose one Ethereum instead of the NFT if desired. The content emphasizes the simplicity and excitement of the project, with monthly giveaways and plans for future NFT prizes. Participants can check out the website and follow the project’s social media for updates.

The USA’s First Dedicated NFT and Crypto Monthly Giveaways


Today, we are excited to discuss Hum NFTs, the first dedicated NFT and crypto monthly giveaways in the USA. Before diving into the details, it’s important to emphasize the need for thorough research when participating in such projects. In this article, we will explore what makes Hum NFTs unique, how to participate, and highlight their previous successful giveaways.

How to Participate

To enter the giveaways, all you need to do is make a purchase on their website, humnfts.io. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a hat, every $15 spent earns you one entry. It’s an affordable way to stand a chance to win exciting prizes. This is their second giveaway, and they hold monthly events, ensuring everyone has a fair shot at winning. The current giveaway prize is a Central Land Parcel, valued at over $2,000. For more information on this prize, visit their website.

Flexibility in Prize Selection

If you win and for some reason do not want the NFT, Hum NFTs offers the option to receive one Ethereum instead. This flexibility allows winners to choose a prize that suits their preferences or current market conditions. Whether you want to secure a valuable NFT or own Ethereum, the choice is yours.

Current Giveaway Information

The current giveaway began on March 1st and will end on April 15th. To enter, click on the “I want entries” button on their website, which takes you directly to their online store. Additionally, they currently offer double entries, doubling your chances of winning. Even if you don’t win the main prize, you will still receive an exclusive hat or shirt, making it a win-win situation.

Previous Winner and Future Plans

Last month, Jalen from California won the giveaway and chose to receive one Ethereum, valued at $1,700 at that time. This showcases the incredible opportunities Hum NFTs offers to its participants. Furthermore, Hum NFTs plans to continue monthly giveaways and introduce more exciting prizes in the future, including renowned NFTs like Board Ape or Doodles. The project shows promise, and being part of their giveaways might lead to owning valuable virtual assets.

Ease of Participation

The straightforward approach of Hum NFTs sets them apart from other projects in the market. For residents in the United States, purchasing from their shop automatically qualifies them for the giveaways. The company’s aim is to make the process simple and accessible, ensuring everyone has an opportunity to benefit from their unique offerings.


Hum NFTs’ monthly giveaways are an engaging opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and NFT collectors to potentially win valuable prizes. With a straightforward entry system, affordable purchases, and flexibility in prize selection, Hum NFTs has created a novel idea that resonates with the community. For more information and updates, follow Hum NFTs on their website and social media channels. Stay tuned for future developments and keep an eye on this innovative project.

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