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The Borwar project is a retro-style turn-based strategy game with an NFT collection of 8,000 unique and beautifully designed boars equipped with varying weapons and distinct skill sets. The game is based on the concept of dynasties, with different classes and categories having their own privileges, weapons, and resources. Players can use the 5,000 female boars to reproduce and make offsprings, passing on their skills and weapons. The gameplay involves a one-on-one combat mode with two modes, combat and adventure/exploration. The Borwar NFT can be minted for 0.04 ethereum, and the game is predicted to launch in the near future.


Hey guys, Pablo here. In this video, we’re going to talk about a project called Bore Wars, a retro-styled turn-based strategy game that comes with an NFT collection.

NFT Collection

Currently, there is one NFT collection available, but there will be more in the future. The collection allows users to mint boars, and in this video, we will show you how to mint one for yourself. The current price for minting an NFT is 0.04 Ethereum, but it is expected to increase in value once the game is launched.

Gameplay & Mechanics

The game is based on the concept of dynasties, where players can imagine vast amounts of lands with different dynasties fighting against each other. The game involves different classes and categories, each with their own unique privileges. Depending on the dynasties and factions, players can have access to varying weapons, resources, and skillsets.

The gameplay is a retro-style turn-based strategy game, with two modes currently available: combat and adventure or exploration. The combat mode allows for a one-on-one battle, where players can choose to attack or defend their position.

Addictive Gameplay

Strategy games like Bore Wars are known for their addictive gameplay, and the aim is to provide players with an easy-to-understand game that is just as compelling as the best games of the late 90s.


The future roadmap includes the introduction of 5,000 female boars that players can use to reproduce and make offspring. The game is still in development, but it’s a promising project for NFT enthusiasts and strategy game fans alike.


Overall, Bore Wars is an exciting project with an excellent concept and gameplay mechanics. It’s essential to note that this is not investment advice, and users should conduct their research before investing. If you’re interested in strategy games and NFT collections, make sure you check out Bore Wars.

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