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Dormant is a sleeping analysis app that allows users to earn tokens by participating in sleep-related activities. Users can purchase pillows through the in-app marketplace using Dorm, the native cryptocurrency. The project aims to improve users’ sleeping habits and well-being through a combination of monetary incentives, education, and gameplay mechanics. Dormant is planning to integrate with Telegram, and has already held a successful NFT pre-sale. The project’s token distribution is divided into various categories, including marketing, incentives, team, and public and private sales. The light paper contains detailed information about how to earn tokens by breeding pillows, the rarity of each pillow type, and the costs of participating in a Pillow-Minting Process (PMP).

Introducing Dormant: A Revolutionary Sleep Analysis App


Hey, what’s going on? Welcome back to the channel! In this video, we’re going to take a look at Dormant. It’s a very exciting project that allows you to earn tokens for sleeping. Yes, you heard me right! This is going to be a very interesting project, and all the links will be down below in the description as always.

The Website

So, let’s jump straight into their website, which is dormant.io. This is their main website, and we’re going to take a look at their light paper, their Twitter, strategic partnerships, and how you can participate in some of their NFT now marketplaces.

The Features

Dormant is changing the way you spend one-third of your life forever. It’s a sleep analysis app with a twist, combining the fun and long team progression of gaming with monetary incentives, an active marketplace, and education. This web3 project is going to be integrated with Telegram, and it’s the best of web3 right by your bedside, helping you sleep better every single night.


Here’s their roadmap. Q2 and Q3 were when they started developing the project. Moving into Q3 of 2023, they have a marketplace launch, staking enabling NFT minting features, bridging, and anti-cheat system implementations. They have UI testing, beta version testing, and the first NFT pre-sale in Q1 of 2023, and Q2 of 2023 set up with centralized and decentralized exchange listings, public sales, and marketing boost campaigns.

The Process

So, how does it work? You download the app, go through the introductory course, and set up your profile, which is pretty simple. You get a pillow, suitable for your sleeping schedule on the in-app marketplace, and you will need some Dorm tokens to buy one. You can set up your sleeping schedule now; it’s time to give it a try. Adjust your sleep period according to the recommendations and your personal needs. Then, check out your progress after a successful and refreshing snooze. Check up on the changes to your health rate and how much Dorm you earned. Explore, learn, and sleep to earn.


Here are the token distribution and prices for the seed phase was 14 cents, the private sale was 17 and a half cents, and the public sale was 17 and a half cents as well. They have total 100 million tokens. They have saved up for advisors with 5 million tokens, in-game minting, staking, and sleep to earn with 34 million tokens, 19 million tokens for marketing, 15 million tokens for the team, liquidity, marketing, and incentives with 11 million tokens. They have 2 million public sales, 9 million private sales, and five percent, which is five million tokens for the seed phase.

The NFTs

Regarding the NFTs, here are the Dormant Pillows on the Polygon blockchain. You can connect your wallet and start looking through them, choose the one you like, and take part in their potential giveaway.


Dormant is an exciting project that allows you to earn tokens for sleeping. The app combines gaming, monetary incentives, an active marketplace, and education. It’s web3 project that’s going to be integrated with Telegram. You need to do your own research before investing money into crypto, but Dormant seems like a promising opportunity. Follow the links below to explore the project further.

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