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The term “Great Reset” became popularized over a decade ago with the publication of a book by American scholar Richard Florida. Around the same time, Bitcoin emerged, as both were responses to the 2008 economic crisis. The phrase has taken on varying connotations, generating ideas for positive reform, but also fueling conspiracy theories. The World Economic Forum, made up of political, economic, and cultural elites, holds an annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where in 2014, forum founder Klaus Schwab declared his intention to push the Great Reset button.

The Origins of the Great Reset

The idea of the “great reset” has been around for over a decade, first appearing in Richard Florida’s 2010 book of the same name. However, it’s only recently gained popularity in mainstream discourse.

Interestingly, Bitcoin also emerged around the same time as the phrase “great reset,” and for the same reason: the 2008 economic crash. People were looking for alternatives to traditional economic systems that failed them.

Good Intentions, Sinister Realities

While the “great reset” may have originated as a promising idea, it’s taken on a more ominous tone in recent years. The World Economic Forum (WEF), a gathering of powerful political, economic, and cultural elites, has been championing the idea of the “great reset.”

This has led to concerns that the elites of the world are using the “great reset” as a way to consolidate their power and control over the global economy and governments. Many believe that the WEF is essentially pushing for a new world order.

The Davos Declaration

In 2014, WEF founder Klaus Schwab made it clear what the organization’s goal was at their annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. He stated that the WEF wanted to “push the reset button.”

While the idea of revamping the global economic system could be seen as a positive thing, the sinister implications of having a small group of elites controlling the process has many people concerned.

In conclusion, the “great reset” may have started out as a good idea, but it’s taken on a more ominous tone in recent years. The WEF’s push for a new world order has many people concerned about the future of our economy and political systems.

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