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Ego is a new NFT project that has been receiving positive reviews and is currently in its public pre-sale phase. The project aims to transform the blockchain by making it easier for a large audience to access and use. Ego’s service, PaceUnder, monetizes communication and provides new ways of communication using NFTs. The project has a large team, experienced advisors, and has received recognition from Crypto Expo Dubai as the best ICO of 2022. Ego has also launched a legendary bounty campaign and allocated 1.2 million EGO tokens for users who complete specific tasks. The tokenomics of EGO token include a max supply of one billion tokens, with a current price of 0.1 at IDO.


Welcome to another project review on Crypto Clear. Today, we will be discussing the new NFT project, Ego. With the success of NFT projects in the past year, Ego is expected to do just as well or even better than other projects.

The Best ICO 2022

According to Crypto Expo Dubai, Ego is the best ICO of 2022. It is also the top ongoing ICO on ICO Holder and one of the top five ICOs of all time. You can join the public pre-sale of Ego tokens right now by signing up directly on the website.

About Ego

Ego creates a new way of communication with Pace under, a service that monetizes communication. Pace Under allows users to pay for a recipient’s attention to their message or call using fiat or Ego tokens, making it easier to contact media persons or get expert advice. Media content can be converted into an NFT, saved, or sold on the internal market for Ego.

Ego aims to transform the blockchain by making the technology easier to use for a broader audience. Users can request communication with a favorite person by choosing a preferable format, whether it be chatting, making a conference, or a video greeting.

Ego’s Marketplace and Roadmap

Ego has a great marketplace where users can request communication with an influencer and set the price for their responses. The influencer responds to the user, and the response is then converted to NFT tokens, which are more expensive on the marketplace. Ego’s goal is to create a new way of communication, provide financial filters to people, and introduce their audience to crypto and NFTs.

You can check Ego’s roadmap to see their future plans. Ego has a large team with wide-ranging experiences and goals in place to ensure growth, expansion, and success for the project.

Ego’s Achievements

The last few months have been very productive for Ego. Teams managed to take part in several crypto conferences, organize a contest for partners, and even pay out over 250k in rewards. Another critical achievement is the Ego token price, which is increasing, indicating that they are moving in the right direction.

Ego’s Bounty Campaign

Ego launched a legendary bounty campaign and allocated 1.2 million Ego tokens for the party. To get Ego tokens, one must complete several tasks, and each social network has its rules. Completing tasks for several social networks at once increases reward chances.

Ego Tokenomics

The max supply of Ego tokens is 1 billion, and the Ego price at IDO is 0.1. Token supply at TGE was 20 million, and the market cap was 2 million. Ego’s token distribution is divided into the team and founders, advisors, earlier investors in IDO, liquidity, marketing, and ecosystem incentives, and project treasury.


That wraps up the review for Ego. Remember, the pre-sale is happening right now, so sign up and start earning your Ego tokens. With its impressive achievements and expert team, it is safe to say that Ego will be a project to watch.

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